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Happy Twisted Tuesday! So the response to the giveaway was completely and totally overwhelming. There were over 100 entries! I could’ve cried… I almost did… I may have. I wanted to thank each and everyone of you who entered. Although, the winners were given away at random… Each and everyone of you took the time out of your day to fill out the form, to give me your information, and just to be overall awesome. So I thought I’d giveaway something special to all of you. Twisted Illusions is free for 5 days.. starting right now!

Who won the free photoshoots?
Marya Herrera – Lansing, Michigan // Libby Fox- Chicago IL

Who won the free books?

Charles Hogue  – Chicago IL // Gabbie Johnson – Chicago IL // Marissa Johnson, NC

But what about the rest of you!

Twisted Illusions

My latest novel series Twisted is about to come out with book #2. I have been dying for everyone to know what the first one is all about so I’m more than excited to give it away! You don’t have to have signed up the giveaway to get it. All you have to have is either a Kindle or the Kindle App and you can have the book for absolutely free on your digital device!

So, want a free copy? Click the picture below and get yours!

Random Spring Photos-21

Thank you all of you, again! <3


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