Gabbie and Raymond // Fall Photoshoot

Every year Gabbie and Raymond have a fall photoshoot and every year I fall more and more in love with my friends. This year is just a tad bit different because they’re married now!

Gabbie and Raymond // Fall Photoshoot

The beauty of a fall photoshoot is that the leaves start changing and every single moment just looks like it was created to be cinematic. While Gabbie and Raymond got married back in July, they always have a fall photoshoot and it’s always adorable.

Fall Photoshoot - Jasemine Denise Photography

Aren’t they seriously beautiful?

Do you want your own fall photoshoot? You don’t have to bring your husband. It can be just you, your family, your dog, whatever! All you have to do is fill out a booking form and tell me what day you want to shoot! My next travel cities are Philly and New York! You can also pledge to our Patreon to score a raffle ticket for a free session!



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