Fan Friday: Point Of Infliction

Point of Infliction won this Fan Friday because it’s that good. What’s Fan Friday, you ask? It’s a new segment of the blog where on Fridays, I give you something great I’m a fan of. I’m pretty picky about what I love and how I expose it to the world, so you can pretty much only expect the best on Fan Fridays. This Friday, I just can’t hold back my excitement for showing you my favorite book of the now!

What is it? -Point Of Infliction


Point of Infliction is a mystery/crime novel written by Veronica N. Davis (who you’ve seen around JDcom a lot because she’s one of my favorite clients! Let me tell you that this book is dark… It’s not dark like Saw dark, I mean it’s not going to make you want to sleep with the lights on. Yet, it’s dark. *braces self to keep from giving you spoiler alerts* Let’s say, there’s this hot guy in your town and that your town is small. Let’s say that he tells you the story from his side, and believe me when I say HIS SIDE is… Oh my God (Does not spoil things), but at the same time the story is told from a character who is inadvertently just as much a victim as the characters that turn up missing throughout the novel.

Why I love it!

Camille Moore is a writer who believes in the good in people and that’s something I immediately related to. On the other hand, Derek Caldwell believes in the good in people too. Just, not in the same way. Neither of them are pessimist or optimists and that’s what throws you off for the first few chapters! Aside from them being the main characters, there are other smaller characters that Davis created so that you build this fragile, sentimental, and strong attachment to. It makes you wonder what nextwhy her, and of course the question I’ve been asking since I started the book, “WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM?”


More about the Author

You can like the author on Facebookfollow her on Twitter, check out her website and follow her on Tumblr! Veronica N. Davis, ladies and gentlemen. 


Veronica N. Davis, who goes by her handle “VNDavis” on Twitter is making her junior novel debut with this chilling, descriptive, and deadly novel and let me tell you… This one is my favorite. It’s a page turner and a mind boggle. It actually had me contemplating my own ways as a woman. Veronica is a reader, a writer, a singer, and a graphic designer. She tweets regularly and blogs some of the most helpful self appreciation posts ever.

You should become a fan of Point of Infliction too!

Do yourself a favor, purchase it on Amazon (it even comes on the Kindle!) and tell me what you think! 

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