Brittany and Jacob -Autumn Portrait Session

Brittany and Jacob are one of my absolute favorite couples to shoot as well as one of the first. We’ve been shooting for three seasons now. No, really! I told Brittany that I really wanted to do an autumn portrait session with them. We didn’t even discuss location, all I said was “Leaves!” I bet she regretted that decision the moment we stepped into the mix. Note: shout out to my championship leave throwers Dan, Jason and Yesenia because even in fall, leaves don’t fall on their own. So… we may have had to throw them at Jacob and Brittany. Don’t worry! No cute couples were harmed in the process although, we may or may not have almost lost a leave thrower to a tree. Thankfully, he survived.

Needless to say, for a couple’s autumn portrait session, this was probably one of the more crazy ones! Believe me when I say that as always, Jacob and Brittany did a beautiful job of being themselves and allowing me to capture their memories. Don’t believe it? See for yourself.

Engagement Couple 10 Engagement Couple Session 4


Engagement Couple Session 2 Engagement Couple Session 3 Engagement Couple Session 5Engagement Couple SessionEngagement Couple Session 12

Dan here, who is one of our championship leave throwers is also Jacob’s brother so of course we had to get him in for a few shots. He and Jacob are pretty much one in the same except one smiles more often than the other. Engagement Couple Session 6 Engagement Couple Session 11Engagement Couple Session 7 Engagement Couple Session 8Engagement Couple Session 9

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