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Fan Friday: Nomi Leasure

September 19, 2014 jasemine-denise 3 min read No Comments

Fan Friday: Nomi Leasure

September 19, 2014 Jasemine Denise Photography 3 min read No Comments

I need to introduce you guys to the amazing blog of Nomi Leasure. (be careful her blog is not as clean as it used to be and I love that.) For the longest, I’d been following her blog by secret because I just couldn’t share this goodness. I wanted it to be a secret treasure that I quoted that no one understood because “oh, no no no.” As I got more into wanting to empower my fellow sisters, I found myself talking about her more and more frequently as well as more fluently. It’s time that I shared her goodness with you. Prepare for this Fan Friday’s fan girl about a girl, Nomi Leasure!

How I Found Her.

I found Nomi by accident but it was truly the best accident I’d made in a long time. I had just started getting into Mac Miller’s music and I was digging deeper on his life as a musician through Tumblr. There were a bunch of Mac fans trashing this really beautiful girl and I asked myself, “What gives?” So, I ventured to her blog as anyone who would wonder what all the “hubub was about” would, and I was enlightened, empowered, enthusiastic, and not even offended that all these young women were bashing her simply because she was closer to Mac Miller than they’ll ever be.

It was almost embarrassing seeing posts expressing jealousy about her but from 99% of her blog, she’s just doing her. Immediately I admired her and started following her.

What I Love About Nomi Leasure

Nomi spoke real for the jump for me. Sometimes, it’d be personal. Sometimes it’d be powerful (She’s naked in that post, but it’s censored. If you can’t deal with the beauty of the female form, leave my blog now.) Sometimes it’s just Instagram posts that allow you to live vicariously through her. No matter what it was, I found myself checking out her blog more and more. It interested me more when I found out she’s a writer. That intrigued me so much I went over and read every single blog ever published publicly to that blog and I couldn’t get enough.

She’s not afraid to discuss the overwhelming interest in her ethnicity either. She talks a lot about her father who is black and a lot of the life lessons he taught her growing up. She never brashly identifies herself. You don’t go to her blog and see “i’m half this–” and “mixed that-“. She mentions it, but subtly.

What I Don’t Like About Her.

Oh, it’s not her. Never. It’s the backwards anti-fan base. They’ve died down since the days I first started getting to know her and Mac Miller (I seperate them whereas no matter what, a lot of people don’t identify her as her own person.) They don’t give her a chance to show herself as this bright, brilliant writer with opinions and views that will literally rock your world. At one point, I stopped tracking her tag because she was underrated. I had originally tracked it because I was truly afraid to approach her because her words were so powerful so I would try to find women who also saw what I saw, but all I saw were people who either idolized or disliked her for the fact that she ha(s)d a relationship with a musician.

I just wish more people would get into her as a person because her core values are explosive. Like, I want her to be considered her own person. I’m fine with her being a sublet to Mac Miller, but I genuinely want her to be known for her wisdom and her anecdotes.

She’s like my “underrated blog of the year”, I feel like everyone should be a part of knowing who she is.

Tell me what you think! Comment below and tell me if you’ve checked out. Even better, tell me your favorite blog!

Jasemine Denise Photography
Jasemine Denise Photography

I travel as a photographer, I write novels , and I fan girl a lot. I have an unnecessary attachment to all things 80s punk, 90s hip hop, and girl power. I typically write in the same tone that I talk in so you should probably be prepared for that. Just saying.

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