ClaustroClothic Punk Fashion : Top 5 Daily Looks.

Every now and again.. more like everyday, I’ll piece together a look for the day. If you guys have been to the blog before, you know that punk fashion is one of my favorite things. Sometimes, it’s very in the moment though. I’ll be too tired to whip out the camera or too in a rush so I’ll simply post the look to Tumblr in the form of a gifset. Today I wanted to show you some of the best looks you haven’t seen! Not only that, I’m going to tell you where you can get some of the pieces to put together an outfit like this yourself! If you’re really in love with them.. Don’t forget to follow me on Tumblr for more!

All gifsets created by me and are property of Jasemine Denise Photography.

1.) Riot Grrrl

I pieced this outfit together while creating a vest which you’ll get to see coming soon to JDcom. The plan was to combine a girly aspect with a biker punk look to emphasize the fact that women can be punk and pink at the same time. The challenge with the outfit was not overdoing the ‘punk’ side. They had to be even so eventually it boiled down to using the ‘punk aspect’ (studs, collars, etc) as the accessory pieces and to keep the pink the main front.

Get yourself a pair of those nifty leather gloves here, the collar or the pink skirt here. 

2.) Bike Belt Punk

At one point, I got an amazing belt right after getting another amazing belt so I wore them both at the same time. I love this look because it had like a biker girl feel to it without overdoing the metal/leather. It was also the first warm day in Chicago so I whipped out the fishnets and high waists and was very pleased overall with the way it turned out!

Get yourself a black studded belt. 

3.) Kinky Girl

That underbust corset is my go to for creating dark but flowing looks. It is literally one of my absolute favorites. Speaking of favorites, this look was created based off the harness I bought from Kinky Girl not too long ago. Surprisingly, it’s my first harness and it fits so snugly that I already know I’m going back to KG for my next one.

Get my harness or that amazing underbust corset. 

4.) Pixie Goth

This one’s not so much “punk fashion” but I couldn’t make a outfit master post without a Trish’s Hood Original. The top, my favorite corset top, is from Nasty Gal which I’m always fan-girling to you guys about. (I even did a full ClaustroClothic for a totally different look involving the same shirt.) I wanted to include something a little darker in this post without overdoing it. It’s funny because while the hood was handmade and the top was bought full price, the corset and the skirt are definitely secondhand!

Get yourself a a Nasty Gal sheer lace top like mine.

and finally number

5.) Jailhouse grunge

love this outfit. The best part about it is that it was nothing to put together. Five minutes before piecing it together, I decided very last minute that I wanted to pull of the “distressed look”, so I grabbed a seam ripper and started butchering the little $5 shirt from Forever 21. The skirt is a vegan leather piece I got from a seller on Depop. The corset is actually mesh and is a waist trainer (although I don’t need it). I made the joke when I posted this outfit that this is what I get for playing Jail House Rock by Elvis and Negative Creep back to back.

Get the corset and the collar!

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