ClaustroClothic #47: MGK Lace Up Fashion

Jacket for DIY Vest: $5 – Citi Trends
Shoes – $49 Target
Miley Cyrus Camo Pants – $25 Forever 21.
Awesome MGK Lace Up snapback from my favorite Flordia couple— that… I can’t even!


My Biggest Special Thanks Goes Out To The future Mr. And Mrs. Frison!


Lace Up Fashion-5Firstly, they made me an amazing belated birthday video which was absolutely adorable. Yet, they bought me this awesome MGK Lace Up snapback which excites me for my very first MGK show! (I’ll be there tonight, rocking out with Limp Bizkit!) I have to say thank you a million times to Reiko and Damon for their constant generosity, support, and of course, their gift.

What Inspired This Outfit?


A lot of things. Obviously getting it together came out of the snapback but also because I love camoflauge and I’ve had this denim vest for eternity with nothing to match! Aside from that, I’m going to see Machine Gun Kelly tonight and that inspires everything. I’m so excited! I remember the first time I caught up with the MGK Lace Up movement, I was immediately inspired. His movement is revolutionary and no matter what level of respect you may or may not have for him as a rapper, he makes an impact that can even be compared to how Eminem was when he first started back with Infinite. I shamelessly admit that I fell in love with MGK’s music because of his story.


How I felt When I First Put It On.

To be honest, with all the camouflage, I felt like I was going to war. That’s where the war paint came in which got smeared halfway through the shoot. The sound of my chains clinking and the feeling of my hat brushed against my hair just made me feel so confidently dominant. It’s awesome.


What’s the best part of the outfit?

Lace Up Fashion-2

Everything corresponds with one another. The denim has camo trim, the pants have tears in it that match the tears in the denim. Hell, I even rocked a matching belt! I say it all the time in my Claustroclothic blogs that it’s all about the vibe. Keeping it coordinated. Don’t be afraid to reach outside the box but sometimes you can never fail with having everything match!

What was the most expensive piece of the outfit, where did it come from, and how much was it?

No doubt, my shoes. Worth every penny. I’ve been wearing the same shoes for like 5 years because I hate shoe shopping and I finally gave in and got new ones. I love my shoes because they go with literally everything.

Lace Up Fashion-4


Wear it the way you want! Walk confidentially and don’t be afraid to be approached about something you’re wearing. You may meet another fan!

Lace Up Fashion-7 Lace Up Fashion-9 Lace Up Fashion-10 Lace Up Fashion-14

Lace Up Fashion-14 Lace Up Fashion-18

Wanna see me do a different style?

Feel free to drop a comment below telling me what style you want to see me pull off! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so you can check out my next outfit!

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    reiko blackheart
    September 28, 2014 at 12:52 pm

    About time…I’ve been waiting on this blog missy… ♡♡ you look stunning your welcome for the hat..♡

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