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ClaustroClothic #43: Black and White Punk Fashion

July 18, 2015 jasemine-denise 2 min read 1 Comment

ClaustroClothic #43: Black and White Punk Fashion

July 18, 2015 Jasemine Denise Photography 2 min read 1 Comment

Inspired by every black and white Tumblr blog ever, 50% off day and Fefe Dobson’s Instagram page comes ClaustroClothic #43: Black and white punk fashion.

Black and White Punk Fashion-18

ClaustroClothic #43
Black and White Punk Fashion:

What inspired this outfit?

Aside from starting a whole new section of my closet devoted to discount thrift store finds, I’ve been getting rehooked on the music of Fefe Dobson. Her Instagram is all black and white and she’s influenced by Amy Winehouse almost as much as me. (Just watch her Legacy video)

On a scale of 1-10, how hard was this outfit to create?

Black and White Punk Fashion-1

Let’s go with a 7. The hardest part was choosing the look. I’d tried to combine the corset top with about five different items. They were all thrift store bought as well. Yet when I first laid eyes on the skirt I picked, there was no.

Black and White Punk Fashion-14

What was the Best part out of this outfit?

Black and White Punk Fashion-8

The best part of this outfit was the fact that my shoes… My Pleasers, were ten dollars. I told myself when I’d make enough money, I’d buy my $135 favorite shoes and I ended up getting them for ten dollars at a thrift store in Indiana.

What was the most expensive item and where I got it.

Black and White Punk Fashion-15

The most expensive part was the $10 shoes, but behind that came this really amazing thigh highs that I think every woman should own.

Black and White Punk Fashion-13Black and White Punk Fashion-12Want to see me do a specific look in my next Claustroclothic?

Leave a comment below and you can literally be as specific or vague as you want. I love a good challenge! Just for fun, what’s the last item you bought from the thrift store? 

Jasemine Denise Photography
Jasemine Denise Photography

I travel as a photographer, I write novels , and I fan girl a lot. I have an unnecessary attachment to all things 80s punk, 90s hip hop, and girl power. I typically write in the same tone that I talk in so you should probably be prepared for that. Just saying.

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    Ray Collins July 31, 2015 at 10:03 pm

    I really love your blog and have been following for a while. I’d like to see you try a new color for your claustroclothic. Or maybe new business attire looks.

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    I travel as a photographer, I write novels , and I fan girl a lot. I have an unnecessary attachment to all things 80s punk, 90s hip hop, and girl power. You'll find some Fashion, photography and many more on this blog. Read more about me. Read More

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