ClaustroClothic #42: Post Apocalyptic Fashion

The weather is nearing the dangerous negative numbers, your canteen springs a leak and you’re.. thirsty. You have fifteen seconds before the apocalypse starts and your favorite pair of plaid tripps aren’t gonna cut it. What do you wear? This ClaustroClothic approaches post apocalyptic fashion! Before I venture any further, let me give credit where credit is due and shout out to Ray Collins for photographing this. (Getting better every time, Ray!).

Post Apocalyptic Fashion - ClaustroClothic-8Post Apocalyptic Fashion - ClaustroClothic-6

ClaustroClothic #42: Post Apocalyptic Fashion

What was this outfit inspired by? 

Now before everyone starts giving me the spew about this outfit being ripped off of a Tank Girl look, let me say that it is in fact inspired by Tank Girl. If you don’t know who that is, take your butt to a local comic book near you and get inspired! (buy the movie)  I thought the signature “My mom gave me this hat” and my cybergoth (non-matching) goggles would do the trick.

Post Apocalyptic Fashion - ClaustroClothic-14Post Apocalyptic Fashion - ClaustroClothic-38

I’m also very big on make believe. This outfit really got me into some crazy creative vibes. My grand-paps was a war vet so I think part of me is kinda required to have this sense of fighter in me. Growing up on the south side of Chicago, you’ve gotta have that.

On a scale of 1-10 how hard was this outfit to create? 

I think it was most difficult because of the simplicity in it. I’m so used to having to layer, wrap, and pasty that this was almost effortless. With it being a more simpler look, I definitely tried to get around it every way I could, but in the end… you just can’t deny perfection.

What was the best part about this outfit? 

Post Apocalyptic Fashion - ClaustroClothic-11

Definitely reviving my New Rock shoes. These babies are falling to pieces after 5+ years of wearing them everywhere but I love them so much. Climbing in them was absolutely crazy but I was with every moment of them because I’m not doing a damn thing without them on.

 Outfit Breakdown:

Post Apocalyptic Fashion - ClaustroClothic-17

Post Apocalyptic Fashion - ClaustroClothic-18

The dress is from H&M and while I couldn’t find it on the site, I did find it on Ebay for $78. It’s leather and it’s very insulated. In the forty degree weather, my chest was absolutely warm. I loved it. Behind that, is the goggles that I bought… At Ravens and Rockers to years ago. (If you’re ever in Tampa, give them a shout. Great people, good vibes, the whole nine)

Post Apocalyptic Fashion - ClaustroClothic-19

Post Apocalyptic Fashion - ClaustroClothic-4Post Apocalyptic Fashion - ClaustroClothic-1

Stockings were a no brainer. Stick to what you know. I went with the stick garter and thigh high combo.

Post Apocalyptic Fashion - ClaustroClothic-20

and of course my New Rock boots.

Post Apocalyptic Fashion - ClaustroClothic-10

Wait, don’t touch that dial!


I made  a very quick appearance in this post apocalyptic session with my gal Ingrid, the babe Yessi and her boyfriend James. Stay tuned next week to see that happen! Ow-ow!

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    Your editing style is so unique. Love it!!

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