ClaustroClothic #36: Pretty in Pink – Alternative Fashion

The weather’s finally breaking but just before it does, let me give you one more winter look! I remember when I first starting getting into alternative fashion and I only had one pink item in my whole closet. Two years ago, I bought my first pair of pink shoes and did my first ClaustroClothic with a pink dark look.  Looking back, I’ve matured a lot from then to now. I mean, for one I wear a lot more leather. Like a lot more. So, bringing back the spirit of putting together pink and punk, here’s ClaustroClothic #36… Pretty in Pink, the alternative fashion version.

ClaustroClothic #36: Pretty in Pink // Alternative Fashion


What inspired this outfit?

Honestly, I’ve always wanted to consider myself a versatile dresser. I didn’t want to be the friend who always wore all black to everything but I knew that’s who I was. Black is just good, easy and comfortable. You never go wrong. Eventually, I started trying to put a little pink into it. When I saw those pink boots on for the first time, my heart turned quick. Like, super quick. The corset leggings were a steal too both created by the company Current Mood. Was I cold? God yes. Was it worth it? Hell yes.


How’d You feel When You Put It On?


I expected to feel girly… I hate that. I don’t hate feeling girly but I do hate that I worry about feeling too feminine for my personality type. If there isn’t anything I’ve learned this year becoming deeply invested in feminism, it’s that I shouldn’t be ashamed of anyone considering me what I am. A woman. So what if I like pink shit? It’s a color. That’s kinda how I felt when I got fully dressed. Like: “So what? I like this.”

What part of the outfit was the best deal?

I love talking about what I saved. I got my leather jacket for… wait for it… $20, marked down from $80. It was another very awesome Black Friday gift to myself and I’m unbelievably glad I got it because it is warmer than you’d believe!


Have you rocked pink yet?

No, I’m serious! Pink is a lot of fun for me, as a matter of fact, I rocked in my Super Orange official lookbook submission. I bet you Kings and Queens can rock it better than me though. So, how about it? Have you rocked pink? What’s the hardest color to get in your wardrobe?

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