ClaustroClothic #24: The Great Gristly // Featuring Iron Fist

A few years back, it was probably 2013.. I walked into a thrift store and found this bag. The purse was ripped up and gathered but it was gorgeous. It has this werewolf face and I fell in love. Through my few moves these past few years, I lost the bag but the brand name stuck with me for years. Iron Fist. I promised myself when I got my fashionable life back together, I’d go out for that bag. 5 years later, I’ve got something better.

ClaustroClothic #24: The Great Gristly

Our Clothes Are Our Armor against The World – Adriano Goldschmied

Yes, for those who are curious this is a more business casual look. Much like the last one I created, I have to emphasize that even when you’re being subtle.. You can put it all into your accessories. Everywhere I go, my punk fashion has been a staple even if it was subtle. Today, all of the elements of limited to that one brand.. Iron Fist.

What Inspired This Outfit?

The Iron Fist shoes. They’re little werwolves and that was the base concept of the outfit. I wanted to find a look that fit the same color scheme so that I was subtly matching my shoes. It didn’t take long.

Once I got the shoes locked down, I went on a hunt for the big tote bag from Iron Fist that I carried around for a few years, proud to have a piece that was so real and so my style.. No luck.Yet, I did find a smaller version of it.. It was just as cute, but it was kinda classy too. It caught my attention immediately. After all, It was only $10. If the shoes was the bark, this bag was the bite.

Red and black is one of my favorite color combinations, especially since I got my hands on that custom colored wig from Weave N Luxury. I’ve had this wig for a little over a year, even styling it in a few ClaustroClothics past.. It’s lasted me so long but that’s a different story for a different day!

Where do I get my Clothes?

Ever wonder how the hell I’m affording all these accessories and clothes to go with my outfits? I’m gonna be real with you. No sponsor links, no referral codes, just 100% honestly.

It’s really important to me that I somehow managed to get both Iron Fist pieces on two different websites so I figured, I’d share my top 3 online secondhand spots to shop!

  • Depop has been my jam for the last year. If I want secondhand name brand stuff, that’s my go to. Searching names of brands and following popular instagram users makes it easy to shop my actual aesthetic. I also have a Depop.

  • Poshmark: is a little newer to me, but it’s where I bought these shoes and they got to my apartment in three days flat, from another seller who left a lovely card.

  • Ebay: I’ve been an Ebay buyer/seller since 2007 and what a magnificent time it’s been. I stray away for a few years but then when I come back, it’s always worth it!

Brands Featured in This Look: 

H&M (Divided), Discovery Clothing, SKG Designs, Iron Fist, and Weave N Luxury.

What Other Business Professional Looks have I done so far?

Are you into alternative fashion but don’t know what to do? Don’t worry babe! I’ve got more looks cooked up for you and more on the way! <3

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