ClaustroClothic #23: Good Girls – Alternative Fashion

I read a t-shirt once that I’ve wanted for years.. It says Good Girls Go To Heaven, bad girls get backstage. If you ever met me, you know I’m no stickler for the rules. However, I’ve only ever been arrested once, never snuck out as a kid, and for the most part got along pretty well with my teachers. So, I guess in some ways.. Depending on the societal definition, I can be a “good girl.” In terms of alternative fashion, I’m always trying to break the rules. Who said good girls can’t do bad things?

This post is a part of the pink archives, and contains “sponsor links”, which are really just links for you to go and purchase things I’m wearing.

ClaustroClothic #23: Good Girls // Alternative Fashion

What Inspired This Outfit?

It’s no secret that this past year, I’ve been focused on bringing my colors to my closet. However, there are certain elements of fashion I’ve been nervous to wear over the years. Examples: pink, jeans, and graphic tees. Outside of band tees, I’ve never been a t-shirt type of girl. Too plain.

Yet this year, I’ve been trying to do simple looks as well as intricate ones. Letting the fashion speak for itself, through means of coordination.

Good Girls Club tee from Forever 21

How it felt when I first put it on.

I felt like a street fashion blogger. The ones that you see standing in Times Square just slaying our lives like it’s their professional job..

What was the best part of this outfit?

Every bit of it coordinates all the way down to my phone case. The aesthetic was literally pastel pink and black, with a dash of punk. Alternative fashion to me has always been about going out of the norm, even if it just mean tip toeing out of the norm a bit.

My Spiked Lydia Collar from SKG Designs was like the finishing touch.

Wanna see more of my looks?

I’m gonna be slaying hella looks this autumn. It’s one of my favorite seasons and I’ve got a lot to share. Follow me on Instagram to see my daily looks, and subscribe to the blog to see more outfits in your email the moment they drop! Until next time, stay good. Or bad. Whatever suits your fancy babe.


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