Chop Chronicles Ch.8: Chop Challenge

Chop Challenge #1 | Are you a girl who fears the fro, the frizz or the scissors when it comes to your hair? Do you ever feel completely uncomfortable when looking at all these other beautiful natural hair girls with their big fros and fancy photos? It’s time to regain your natural goddess confidence back. Take a challenge with me! So I’ve joined the club of natural haired college girls. In my mind, I pictured condition days, pretty afros, and me having to blow my giant afro out of the way while I study for some exam I know I’m going to breeze. What I got was an entire lesson on business getting crammed into 8 weeks, a music theory class that doesn’t believe in the revolutionary moves Lupe Fiasco did and a community college experience which led me to believe that Dan Harmon lied to me about the community college experience. There’s no paintball, no loveable hot half polish half Muslim film genius (Abed is my TV soul mate) and most of all, no time.  When I finally got some me time, it went straight to my hair and boy was I excited. How long is my hair now? Well, to my nose and my nape. Joy to the world! Yet, after cutting down the ends (A ritual I’ve come to begin doing every two months because I don’t know what split ends look like) I grew bent out of shape. What a tussle it was to get my hair to stay still. I traded my sleek hawk for headwraps, hats and scarves. What happened to the embracing movement that came after quitting my job? I’ll tell you what happened. No motivation and no challenge.Recently, I made the decision that heat was part of the reason I wasn’t satisfied with how my ends looked. Although my hair is as soft as what I’d imagined a baby’s bottom would feel like, my hair itself looked untamed and scary. I changed my brand of heat protectant twice but the reality remained that I was straightening it far too much. I hate my curly frohawk and it embarrasses me when I don’t have the time to straighten it. Along came opportunity and yes… It was knocking.

The Challenge.

Do you have a similar story about how you had no time and no patience for your hair? I’ve got the answer for us but it ‘aint gonna be easy. We’re gonna have to set aside time, manage time better, and love our hair. The answer is to let your fro breathe! I know it can be unappealing and that it can frustrate you (ESPECIALLY WITH SHRINKAGE) but guys, come on! My thing is, it’s harder for me because all the girls with their fros hanging out have big fros. Yet, if we start a revolution where small fros are okay too, you’ll accept your afro (short hair) far more than you ever did. No extensions, no heat, no self depreciation! For the next month, I challenge you to let it all hang out. (Well, I mean.. I’m just referring to hair!) We strive to keep our natural hair healthy and yet we cover it up, fry it, poison it. For the next month, vow not to straighten or perm your hair and to wear your afro proudly instead of tying it up in a scarf when you go out or putting a hat on. This small movement could make a huge difference in the type of naturalistas you see around you! Let them see you embracing your biggest insecurity in your hair and encourage them to do it too!

For the next month, I’m packing up my flat iron!

and I want you to join me! Take a picture each week of your afro-y goodness, and send it to me. I have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the Chop Challenge is yours! Be not ashamed of your roots or your hair. In fact, be not ashamed of who you are at all! Follow my instagram because each week, I’m going to be posting my natural hair in it’s full form with no additives and no heat. Frotip | : If you’re venturing this journey with me, journal! Take not of your emotional journey through a challenge and don’t be afraid of how you feel. You don’t have to share it, but I’d love to know how this next month is going to make you feel. They don’t call it challenge for nothing!

But Wait! There’s More To The Challenge!

Let’s take it one step further. I know my fellow busy bodies are going to hate me for this, but make sure to set aside a half hour each day to give your hair some love. Run your fingers through your scalp for a good massage or oil it really nice. Don’t forget to wrap it up at night because these are all seeds planting so that your hair can grow!

So are you in? Are you up for the challenge?

Drop a comment down below and tell me how you plan to take on the One month long challenge to cherish your crown.


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    June 17, 2014 at 4:51 pm

    I’m going to devote more time to my hair, I’m going to take the challenge

    • Jasemine-Denise
      June 17, 2014 at 4:53 pm

      Angel, that’s amazing! It’s going to be hard but remember that you are not braving the challenge alone!

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