Celebrating The Big Chop! Chop Chronicles!

I shaved all of my hair off! No, seriously. Not kidding. Two years ago, I cut my hair, dyed it red and started living a new life. One where I was confident of myself as long as I was rocking my red. This year, after a tumble with some real personal issues branching from a restraining order to a carjacking, I felt like I had lost control. Over everything. So, in order to balance my sense of renewal, I decided to start my natural journey again, and document the journey to share with you guys. I decided it should be called the chop chronicles. 

Each week, I will post a blog about it here, and on my Tumblr in case you guys have one, where I express to you guys the struggles, triumphs, and empowerment that comes with starting a new. You’ll be surprised at what you learn. I’ll even include what I use regimen wise as it begins to progress.

Here’s to week one! It just happened a few days ago, so there’s not much to report except for the fact that I proceeded to do my first shaved shoot self portrait, and I enjoyed myself. At first, I was sitting through every picture going “Deeeleeeete, deeeelete.” but then I realized, I have to be confident in myself. There will be no growth if you don’t water. With a new-found vigor, I began shooting again, changing rooms, angles, lighting… Really getting into it, and with much effort, I present to you a few shoots from the shoot. <3



Question Of The Week: What bold accomplishment have you made this year?

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    Veronica N. Davis
    July 23, 2013 at 12:20 am

    I am incredibly proud of you. Your strength is surreal and your dedication to all things creative are inspirational. Every step you take and every move you make….hold the effin’ phone…I was definitely about to sing that one song from the 90s and didn’t even realize it. My fault. But this is real….

    Your legacy is based off of your accomplishments, and through every storm you always manage to recover and push even harder. Where most people lose strength, you gain it. Where they lose faith, you hone it. I am blessed to know you and grateful to you for all you’ve done. Including those you’ve helped you have never reciprocated. You truly are something amazing and soon enough those people will regret they day they never put a hand out.

    I love you, Jameen.

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