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Taking Back Thursday // Oxi Lox – Florida Tattoo Artist

Happy Taking Back Thursday! When I first met Oxi, I was mesmerized. Rainbow hair, colorful personality.. I mean she is just a total goddess! It gets better! Oxi is also a magnificent tattoo artist specializing in water color art.  Last time she came to the tattoo convention, I not only get a tattoo from her but I also got to photograph her beautiful self too! Are you ready for Oxi Lox, the cyber rainbow goddess?

Oxi Lox // Florida Tattoo Artist

Oxi Lox -7

As I said before, Oxi is such a colorful person with an amazingly kind spirit. When we planned this shoot, we only had one thought in mind.. Color. She had to be colorful. Honestly, when she walked in with her cyber glasses, I fell a little more in love.

Oxi Lox - Jasemine Denise Photography - Logan Square -3Oxi Lox -1

Oxi Lox -15

Oxi Lox - Jasemine Denise Photography - Full-10

Oxi Lox - Jasemine Denise Photography - Logan Square -9

Oxi Lox - Jasemine Denise Photography - Logan Square -10Oxi Lox - Jasemine Denise Photography - Logan Square -12

Oxi Lox - Jasemine Denise Photography - Full-20

Oxi Lox Rainbow hair- Jasemine Denise Photography-4Oxi Lox Rainbow hair- Jasemine Denise Photography-3

Oxi Lox!

Oxi Lox - Tattoo Convention-12

It’s been quite a bit since our first shoot together! In fact, we shot again the last time Oxi was in town! She had on the cutest panda outfit and I can’t wait to show you guys that too! In the meantime, in the spirit of taking back Thursday, I’m gonna take you back to the day I got my first tattoo from Oxi. As you can see by the photos below, I was beyond excited.
Oxi Lox Rainbow hair- Jasemine Denise Photography-6Oxi Lox Rainbow hair- Jasemine Denise Photography-6-2

The end result?

If you loved this shoot or my tattoo, you should follow Oxi Lox on Instagram and subscribe to the blog for more photos!

Photography Portrait

Adventures With Becky // Wanderlust Wednesday

In case it wasn’t apparent to you guys yet, I love exploring. When I’m not on the road photographing weddings, kids, and the lot.. I’m falling in love with the sight of someone else telling me what they’ve fallen in love with around them. That being said, meet the lovely Becky. I met Becky at my last shoot with Erin. That shoot had a part one and a part two and Becky was in both! Now, it’s time that she flew solo for an adventure!

Becky took us to a beautiful sunset at the end of her session that I couldn’t help but capture her in. As she admired it, I was impressed by such a beautiful sight. She has filled my Wanderlust heart! Continue Reading

Photography Portrait

Post Apocalypse Squad//

Who you gonna call… when the apocalypse breaks loose? Plot Twist: I’m actually the last person you call because I’m still trying to get my post apocalypse outfit together. Last Saturday, you saw me show off my killer fashion sense with a glimpse into my own form of post-apocalyptic fashion. Today, you’re about to see the entire squad rise and help you make your choice on who is most fit to lead.. the apocalypse war.

Continue Reading

Photography Portrait

The Drag Queen Photography Experience

Remember how I insisted to you in past posts that cosplay is art? Well, ever since then I’ve been constantly wondering about the intimate art of  drag but had no idea who to go to and how to start learning. Lucky for me, Aiden Zane and Lucia Saint invited me up to Lansing, Michigan to show me a thing or two about the transformation of drag. Despite them being from Atlanta and I from Chicago, the location we picked, set in Lansing was absolutely perfect for not only a photo shoot but an entire afternoon’s worth of fun and fabulous memories! Yet, it wasn’t all fun and games. The intricate art of drag queen photography was also a challenge and a learning experience.

Prepping For The Shoot.

Getting to be there from beginning to end was almost too surreal. The knowledge passed on to me during the prep period was phenomenal and extremely educational. While you’d have guessed that this period was like watching “Ru Paul’s Drag Race” up close, it was much more than that. As the boys decorated their gorgeous guy faces to resemble the image of gorgeous women, they shared stories with me and bits of insight. “Photographing in drag is not like photographing outside of it. You have to know what time of day lighting-wise will accurately accentuate the look.” Lucia explained dutifully while Aiden shared a more lighter thought recalling the many times he’d made similar poses from his drag look in everyday look, only to be quoted as it being very silly. As I watched in awe, I couldn’t help but snap pictures of the two hour long makeup applying process. All around me were piles of SugarPill pallets, wigs, and a variety of the most intriguing outfits ever.

It was phenomenal seeing the faces that I’d seen become these elaborate canvases for such phenomenal talent.

Behind The Scenes

After that, it was time for a few selfies before we were out and about shooting! It was extremely entertaining watching them prepare themselves for the selfies because each and every shot they took during the shoot, needing no extra frumping or readjusting. Hair stayed perfect, makeup remained flawless. There were expert commenced outfit changes and all in all, things were impressive! Yet when it came to the phone photos, there was always a quick seemingly unnecessaryadjustment to be made. It was adorable. I even jumped into a few.

Selfies and I'm Out


The Shoot!

Ironically, the location of this shoot was literally right outside their hotel! There were moments when other hotel attendants would come by and wave or stare, but they didn’t care. They strutted around nearly deserted hallway proudly and I was beyond impressed. Admittedly, I was extremely nervous. I had been warned about the complexity of angles when it came to “Drag Queen Photography” but, between Aiden and Lucia and the renowned confidence, in the term learning experience, this session made my first session with them, my favorite.

[vc_row][vc_column width=’1/2′]aiden Zane-10-XL[/vc_column][vc_column width=’1/2′]aiden Zane-13-XL[/vc_column][/vc_row]
aiden Zane-6-XL


Behind The ScenesBoth Drag QueensBoth-1

Devin Single DragNeighborsSt Lucia

The Aftermath

Afterwards, I had mentioned to Lucia that he had said something about dressing me up in drag when we spoke last. It was a joke, but it was also kind of like, “You know, why not?” The next thing you know, I’m getting my eyebrows glued down and standing face to face with an already perfected masterpiece. Honestly, it’s crazy. I’ve been in makeup artist chair’s plenty of times, but this was different. This was like the makeup brush was a paint brush and the pallets of makeup were everywhere and while I was getting “dragged up”, Aiden was wiping himself down of his fake lashes, makeup and eyeliner. It was amazing watching him do it because as he stripped down, and wiped his face… He did it in the most interesting way:

Half of his face first then the other half.

Behind The Scenes 2

If I thought having no eyebrows was crazy, you could only imagine my surprise when fake eyebrows were involved! I was terrified but the finished product was gorgeous. I didn’t even recognize myself. Let’s not talk about how many SnapChats I sent out in drag just lipsyncing and smiling and making winking videos at everyone. It’s crazy, I knew that drag queens had to put a lot of effort into their look but I didn’t realize the amount of time, effort, focus and hard work it took to achieve some of the most amazing looks in history! I mean, for a few hours.. I could’ve sworn I was a different person!


yadda yaddaThe shoot itself with Aiden and Lucia was great! Check out their facebooks! They have albums and albums of beautiful photos of different looks! Rumor has it, they also have some really awesome stuff cooked up for their fans, so definitely check them out!!

What Have I Been Up To?


Well, specifically after this shoot, I photographed the lovely Victoria Churchill who is coincidentally also an author! Her book Dreams Of Crimson is everywhere! I heard it’s a vampire novel and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. She assured me personally that it is nothing like Twilight. (all the incentive I need!)  Other than that, I started my first week of college and Jesus! Why didn’t anyone tell me it was that hard? Just kidding. Everyone told me it was that hard.

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