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Secret Engagement: Raymond and Gabbie

I love love. I really don’t think I tell you guys enough how much love makes me giggle inside. You can only imagine how excited I am that I get to be a part of things that involve love. So when my good friend Raymond came to me about surprising Gabbie, his now fiance with her ring, I got way excited. Like… Over 9,000 watts of “OMG YASSS!” You guys ready for the cutest first secret engagement I’ve shot of 2016?

Secret Engagement: Gabbie and Raymond

It was the morning of Anime Central, the very first day. Raymond had agreed to get Gabbie up early in the morning for her to prepare herself for a photoshoot. What made this cute is that Raymond is never the one to initiate a photoshoot. He’s always giggling and being silly because that’s who he is naturally. Today, he was all smiling and cooperating because he knew that this was the day that there was something more. 

On the flipside, someone was a little more on the silly side.

In seconds, Ray had disappeared to “give Gabbie a couple shots by herself.”

Gabbie and Raymond - Engagement Photoshoot-35

If you guys didn’t know already.. Gabbie is a master makeup artist. I did a Fan Girl Friday on her a while back. Her pinup looks are too DIE for. You can check the rest of her looks out on Facebook and Instagram.  So anyway, Raymond comes back out.. tells Gabbie to close her eyes and when she does, he slowly gets down on one knee. I’m telling you guys, this secret engagement gets so much more precious so quickly.


You know what else, guys? I had to spoil the ending but… She said yes!!

Gabbie and Raymond Paige- Secret Engagement


Isn’t that beautiful! Crossing my fingers for her to change her mind on me not being her photographer just because I’m also a bridesmaid in her wedding! I couldn’t be more proud of Raymond for tying the knot.


Want Your Own Secret Engagement?

Time to share this post on your significant other’s Facebook wall and nudge them violently as you give them the hint hint face! Like I said, I love love and I’ve been hanging on to some GORGEOUS photos that I’ll be releasing all summer to really get you in the mood to love love as well. If you’re reading this and you actually want to book your own secret engagement, slide on over to my website and place an inquiry. I want… no, I NEED to be your photographer for something so great!

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Couples Photography

Spencer & Janet | Fall Mini Session | Chicago Photographer

Note: Before we even start, I’d like to say happy  belated birthday to Spencer! Yesterday was his birthday and I’ve waited since last year to release this shoot with him and his lovely girlfriend who is also a Chicago photographer. Spencer is one of the most kind and genuine people I’ve ever met. He’s also the creator of Heavy Horns, a custom battle jacket collection. (He made my black and purple jacket.) Continue Reading

boudoir Couples Photography

Kage and Saint // Chicago Boudoir Session

Passion is not transparent.

There aren’t too many sessions that I get genuinely emotional about but this one is one of them. When I announced my first boudoir session booking ever, Saint was one of the first women to respond. She was eager and being a modeling duo alongside her boyfriend, she wanted to share this first with him. Truthfully, I didn’t know what to expect hosting a Chicago boudoir session. I wanted everyone to feel comfortable. Kage was a bit uneasy and naturally, I suggested backing out immediately. Yet, he said no. He wanted to share this with his girlfriend.

Continue Reading


Engagement Session – Damon and Reiko

My first engagement session of the year and this one probably the most special.

Damon and Reiko are my favorite couple for so many reasons. For one, Damon is in the service and somehow was blessed enough to be stationed just a mere three hours away from his beautiful girlfriend. Reiko is a professional model who is known for her provocative poses and proof that when it comes to “size”, the industry isn’t all about the size zeros. How did I meet this gorgeous couple? Reiko flew me down to Florida for her birthday and there we discussed their plans for Chicago and how they wanted to squeeze a shoot in with me before they left. Once I stood in the room with them both again, I realized what made them so special in my eyes. They were a power couple.

What do I mean when I say power couple.. Okay, do you remember “My Good Thang“, by Pretty Willie? I know, throwback right! This is that song personified. They are equal strength, equal hard work, equal independence. I can’t stress enough how over the time I’ve known them, I’ve been beyond impressed. To me, they are like king and queen. There’s no “president and first lady” because they’re both of equal hard work and devotion to both their crafts and one another.

Personally, I always try to refrain from saying things like this, but at this moment, I personally can’t help it. This is what every couple out there should be striving for. The kind of relationship where you can love one another just as much as you can love yourself is a remarkable, inspirational, beautiful phenomenon that radiated off of Damon and Reiko even long after they left the session. This is a couple that games together, gets decked out together, vacations together, cries together, wakes up to alarms together… You do it, they’re capable. They even have matching phones!


So when it came to shooting, we agreed that the style would be a unique one. It had to portray everything from their “Us against the world” attitude to their royal respect for one another. While Reiko was used to being in front of the camera, Damon had originally came off as a bit camera shy but after a few photos were taken, he was completely immersed in the passion of his girlfriend and had become more than comfortable in front of the camera. We even got him to laugh a lot!

It cannot go without saying that the lovely dress that Reiko is wearing is actually from one of my favorite Florida based stores Ravens And Rockers. (They have an online store that I spend far too much time on staring at.)




Engagement Session Frisons-2 Engagement Session Frisons-4 Engagement Session frisons-5
After the shoot, to show my appreciation for them being so amazing, I jumped into a few pictures and I don’t know.. I think they like me!



But what have you been up to Jasemine?!

Well, as this blog is being written, I’m on a bus to Lansing to shoot my first drag queen photoshoot with the fabulous St. Lucia and a photoshoot with my tattoo artist and her gorgeous son Javier. Lots and lots coming to JDcom in terms of content. Personally, after Anime Central, I thought I was done and dead for a while but while I haven’t been shooting too much, I’ve been working a lot on behind the scenes stuff!

Make sure to check back for that, and to subscribe to the weekly email so you can get the scoop and see more beautiful pictures of beautiful people.

Until then, this photographing, mohawk-having, fashion-loving, woman is outtie!