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ClaustroClothic Punk Fashion : Top 5 Daily Looks.

Every now and again.. more like everyday, I’ll piece together a look for the day. If you guys have been to the blog before, you know that punk fashion is one of my favorite things. Sometimes, it’s very in the moment though. I’ll be too tired to whip out the camera or too in a rush so I’ll simply post the look to Tumblr in the form of a gifset. Today I wanted to show you some of the best looks you haven’t seen! Not only that, I’m going to tell you where you can get some of the pieces to put together an outfit like this yourself! If you’re really in love with them.. Don’t forget to follow me on Tumblr for more!

All gifsets created by me and are property of Jasemine Denise Photography.

1.) Riot Grrrl

I pieced this outfit together while creating a vest which you’ll get to see coming soon to JDcom. The plan was to combine a girly aspect with a biker punk look to emphasize the fact that women can be punk and pink at the same time. The challenge with the outfit was not overdoing the ‘punk’ side. They had to be even so eventually it boiled down to using the ‘punk aspect’ (studs, collars, etc) as the accessory pieces and to keep the pink the main front.

Get yourself a pair of those nifty leather gloves here, the collar or the pink skirt here. 

2.) Bike Belt Punk

At one point, I got an amazing belt right after getting another amazing belt so I wore them both at the same time. I love this look because it had like a biker girl feel to it without overdoing the metal/leather. It was also the first warm day in Chicago so I whipped out the fishnets and high waists and was very pleased overall with the way it turned out!

Get yourself a black studded belt. 

3.) Kinky Girl

That underbust corset is my go to for creating dark but flowing looks. It is literally one of my absolute favorites. Speaking of favorites, this look was created based off the harness I bought from Kinky Girl not too long ago. Surprisingly, it’s my first harness and it fits so snugly that I already know I’m going back to KG for my next one.

Get my harness or that amazing underbust corset. 

4.) Pixie Goth

This one’s not so much “punk fashion” but I couldn’t make a outfit master post without a Trish’s Hood Original. The top, my favorite corset top, is from Nasty Gal which I’m always fan-girling to you guys about. (I even did a full ClaustroClothic for a totally different look involving the same shirt.) I wanted to include something a little darker in this post without overdoing it. It’s funny because while the hood was handmade and the top was bought full price, the corset and the skirt are definitely secondhand!

Get yourself a a Nasty Gal sheer lace top like mine.

and finally number

5.) Jailhouse grunge

love this outfit. The best part about it is that it was nothing to put together. Five minutes before piecing it together, I decided very last minute that I wanted to pull of the “distressed look”, so I grabbed a seam ripper and started butchering the little $5 shirt from Forever 21. The skirt is a vegan leather piece I got from a seller on Depop. The corset is actually mesh and is a waist trainer (although I don’t need it). I made the joke when I posted this outfit that this is what I get for playing Jail House Rock by Elvis and Negative Creep back to back.

Get the corset and the collar!

Get punk fashion The Looks:

Well, that’s all for now!
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ClaustroClothic #40: Nasty Gal Clothing

Last Friday, I did a whole Fan Friday about how in love with Nasty Gal Clothing I was. I told you guys about how I love the fact that their items start at xxs because it helps me feel comfortable about my 00, 4’11 size. Well, I couldn’t tell you guys all about it without doing a ClaustroClothic right? So, ClaustroClothic #40 is Nasty Gal. As always at the end of the shoot, there’s link to all the gear so you can get the look as well!

ClaustroClothic #40: Nasty Gal Clothing

ClaustroClothic - Nasty Gal - Jasemine Denise Photography - Fahsion Blog-2

What Inspired This outfit?

Jasemine Denise - Nasty Gal Clothing

After I got my first Nasty Girl package, I took a look at their Pinterest. I was digging their styles and looks but I felt like it was missing one: A ClaustroClothic look! So, I started piecing together silver and black. I wanted it to be simple, dark, and edgy.  I started with the corset lace top and built the rest of my outfit from there.

What Part of the Outfit was the Most Challenging?
ClaustroClothic - Nasty Gal - Jasemine Denise Photography - Fahsion Blog-3

This time, it was definitely the bag. I don’t typically carry anything outside of my camera bag so it had to be something badass. I got this bag trying to do a luxury look for a black tie event and it fit into this look perfectly! Who says luxury can’t also be edgy?

ClaustroClothic - Nasty Gal - Jasemine Denise Photography - Fahsion Blog-21

Favorite Part of the Outfit?

ClaustroClothic - Nasty Gal - Jasemine Denise Photography - Fahsion Blog-20

Definitely madly in love with the flowy sleeves of the shirt. Just like the white one in my Fan Friday, this shirt gives me this real princess feeling. The corset in it really completes the look especially alongside the collar. Silver on silver on silver. It’s literally amazing.

ClaustroClothic - Nasty Gal - Jasemine Denise Photography - Fahsion Blog-6


Wanna see more of my looks?

Why thank you, I’m honored! You can always follow my Instagram for my outfit of the day posts, and you can subscribe to the blog for inside peeks of the next look!

Get the Look!

H&M – Biker Pants – Black – Ladies • H&M • $17.99
Rag & Bone Floppy Brim Wool Fedora Hat, Black • Rag and Bone • $195
Rampage Quilted-Detail Tote • Rampage • $24.99
Women’s Demonia Swing 220 – Black PU Casual Shoes • Demonia • $91.95
Factory Sheer Genius Lace-Up Top • Nasty Gal • $29
Nasty Gal Savoy Lace-Up Mini Dress • Nasty Gal • $88
Factory Mari Lace Up Top • $47.60
Nasty Gal Harper Lace Up Top • Nasty Gal • $20.40
Collar • Amazon $13.99


ClaustroClothic #41: Strega Fashion

Hey guys, this is the first part of my “Stay warm in the winter” ClaustroClothic section. I’m just discovering how to dress myself in the winter so take this journey with me. Today, we tackle strega fashion. Strega is an Italian word for “witch.” Reminder: you don’t have to be pagan, Wiccan, or practice witchcraft to enjoy the style. I certainly do not do any of those things. This look was created in the spirit of fun and isn’t meant to offend anyone or any culture.

ClaustroClothic #41: Strega Fashion

Strega Fashion - Jasemine Denise-5

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ClaustroClothic #42: Post Apocalyptic Fashion

The weather is nearing the dangerous negative numbers, your canteen springs a leak and you’re.. thirsty. You have fifteen seconds before the apocalypse starts and your favorite pair of plaid tripps aren’t gonna cut it. What do you wear? This ClaustroClothic approaches post apocalyptic fashion! Before I venture any further, let me give credit where credit is due and shout out to Ray Collins for photographing this. (Getting better every time, Ray!). Continue Reading


Punk Fashion is Back!

It’s been one hell of a year and a very fashionable one at that but you wouldn’t know that because you haven’t been able to see it here. If you follow me on Tumblr, you’ve been seeing my personal style tag , but you guys have actually commanded that I bring this section of JDcom back. I can’t say no to that… I really can’t.

So. Without further ado, here’s this short blog whilst I write the many coming after it of photoshoots that have been happening. (I still have three days of Halloween to give you. Hahaha I’m terrible I know.)

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ClaustroClothic: #46 Pretty In Punk.

I have been trying to do a pretty in punk (pink) ClaustroClothic Shoot ALL YEAR, but I couldn’t get it right. Either my hair wasn’t on point, or something was off, or I didn’t have time to take pictures and what better time to do it than during the winter punk fashion season! Tis the season to layer up your outfits to keep from getting sick. Ya see, winter for me as a photographer means overcast, amazing snow photos, hot chocolate consultations! Winter for me as a fashionista means better wear your long sleeve sweatshirts and long johns because it’s coming. But tonight! We are celebrating a dearly awesome friend’s birthday so I had to get prepared! Punk pink style.


Special thanks: The biggest of thanks goes out to Renee Jordan. We kept talking about “RedVember”, November being the month I wore all red in honor of the amazing job she did on my hair. That’s soon to come. But today (Tonight as I’m writing this) it’s pink.

“Winter Punk Fashion” What Inspired This Outfit?

Remember my ClaustroClothic about wearing your least favorite color? Yeah, that’s me and pink. We don’t exactly agree the way we should. I mean I leave seeing it, but it’s not really my gig. That changed when I got my shoes back in February when I went down to Florida. I pretty much became obsessed with having to make this one outfit that I wore anytime I felt pink. Shout outs to both Reiko and Ravens and Rockers, the place I got both my shoes and my goggles from.

How’d You feel When You Put It On?


This is my fifty billionth time trying on this outfit and every time, I try something different. This time it was the strutting. I was strutting around like I owned everything. I also felt really warm. The entire point of this outfit was to be able to look cute in the outfit without freezing my whole body off and somehow after eight layers (Yeah, you read that right), I had it right.

What is the best part of the outfit?

The vest. I mean, don’t get me wrong. THE ENTIRE OUTFIT IS BOSS! Especially considering that the shirt is a gift of mine from an ex-girlfriend who I loved very dearly. Yet, the vest was given to me by an amazing artist along with quite a bit of plaid fabric. She nearly brought tears to my eyes. Syetha, if you’re reading this you’re absolutely amazing for sharing such a lovely piece of artwork with me but then letting me have it? Too kind.


What was the most expensive piece of the outfit, where did it come from and how much was it?

Ready? Okay. The shoes is what you would’ve thought would’ve been the most expensive bit. NO. Not at all. They were on this insane clearance at Raven and Rockers. The goggles weren’t and I think they were about $35. Well worth it considering goggles have been on my list of things to buy forever and they match everything I’m wearing!

Cyber-Pink-8 Cyber-Pink-9 Cyber-Pink-10 Cyber-Pink-13 Cyber-Pink-14


Wanna see me do a specific look for my next ClaustroClothic!

Leave a comment below and you can literally be as specific or vague as you want. I love a good challenge. Also, wanna see this outfit in action? Also, happy belated birthday to Ray, (the only man in the photo) for throwing such an amazing schindig. That’s the most fun I’ve had since Florida. <3


ClaustroClothic #47: MGK Lace Up Fashion

Jacket for DIY Vest: $5 – Citi Trends
Shoes – $49 Target
Miley Cyrus Camo Pants – $25 Forever 21.
Awesome MGK Lace Up snapback from my favorite Flordia couple— that… I can’t even!


My Biggest Special Thanks Goes Out To The future Mr. And Mrs. Frison!


Lace Up Fashion-5Firstly, they made me an amazing belated birthday video which was absolutely adorable. Yet, they bought me this awesome MGK Lace Up snapback which excites me for my very first MGK show! (I’ll be there tonight, rocking out with Limp Bizkit!) I have to say thank you a million times to Reiko and Damon for their constant generosity, support, and of course, their gift.

What Inspired This Outfit?


A lot of things. Obviously getting it together came out of the snapback but also because I love camoflauge and I’ve had this denim vest for eternity with nothing to match! Aside from that, I’m going to see Machine Gun Kelly tonight and that inspires everything. I’m so excited! I remember the first time I caught up with the MGK Lace Up movement, I was immediately inspired. His movement is revolutionary and no matter what level of respect you may or may not have for him as a rapper, he makes an impact that can even be compared to how Eminem was when he first started back with Infinite. I shamelessly admit that I fell in love with MGK’s music because of his story.


How I felt When I First Put It On.

To be honest, with all the camouflage, I felt like I was going to war. That’s where the war paint came in which got smeared halfway through the shoot. The sound of my chains clinking and the feeling of my hat brushed against my hair just made me feel so confidently dominant. It’s awesome.


What’s the best part of the outfit?

Lace Up Fashion-2

Everything corresponds with one another. The denim has camo trim, the pants have tears in it that match the tears in the denim. Hell, I even rocked a matching belt! I say it all the time in my Claustroclothic blogs that it’s all about the vibe. Keeping it coordinated. Don’t be afraid to reach outside the box but sometimes you can never fail with having everything match!

What was the most expensive piece of the outfit, where did it come from, and how much was it?

No doubt, my shoes. Worth every penny. I’ve been wearing the same shoes for like 5 years because I hate shoe shopping and I finally gave in and got new ones. I love my shoes because they go with literally everything.

Lace Up Fashion-4


Wear it the way you want! Walk confidentially and don’t be afraid to be approached about something you’re wearing. You may meet another fan!

Lace Up Fashion-7 Lace Up Fashion-9 Lace Up Fashion-10 Lace Up Fashion-14

Lace Up Fashion-14 Lace Up Fashion-18

Wanna see me do a different style?

Feel free to drop a comment below telling me what style you want to see me pull off! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so you can check out my next outfit!


ClaustroClothic: #48 Back to School Punk Fashion

Tripp Red Plaid Skirt: $14 at Hot Topic
French Toast School Shirt: $5 at Citi Trends
Knee high High Off Brand Chuck Taylors: $12 at Citi Trends
Skull Ring: $2 Ebay
How I felt walking into school with “Tainted Love” playing through my headphones: Priceless.

What Inspired this outfit?

Besides going back to school?

I’m in my second semester of college and walking into the building each day is like an “in real life Tumblr street fashion blog.” It’s overwhelming, it’s interesting and if you’re anything like me… you don’t fit in. I wanted to make myself an imaginary entrance this semester. It was something only I knew about but it would shake my nerves and boost my confidence. Yeah, in college you may sometimes need a ego lift when attending your classes. Always remember the most important rule: I don’t even acknowledge what I’m wearing when it comes to going to class. I’m there to get my education, not my fashion sense. Knowledge is the pride I wear when it comes to “showing off.” Yet, sometimes you need a pick-me-up.

Back To School Fashion-4So what inspired this sudden spur of the moment dress up fest?

I spent a few hours contemplating what I could do to make myself feel more comfortable? That turned into a whole week of studying my favorite character entries. I mean, there are a lot! I could have came in with black wings and a beige trench coat. I could’ve Castiel’ed it. Yet, I didn’t want people coming up to me like “Oh, she thinks she’s awesome.” No, this was just for me. So it had to be subtle, awesome, and had to have a musically corresponding intro. It was a no-brainer after that. The Not Another Teen Movie “Tainted Love” approach. It was the dream. Walking into school with Marilyn Manson in your ears, it was a no brainer. In short, I was inspired by a chance to give myself confidence.

How I felt when I Put It On

I can shamelessly admit that I felt pretty sexy with the skirt and thigh length shoes on. Protip for my ladies: tuck your thumbs gently into the waistband of your bottoms when you walk. Really feel the sway of your hips. I don’t care what kind of girl you are, tall, short, big, or small.. The switch in your walk is an amazing feel. It means that you’ve got power in your step.

What is the best part of this outfit?

This one’s got a tough tie. It’s between My DIY’ed black, leather bottom Gambino Girl bag and my skull ring. I say the Gambino Girl bag because I love getting to wear my inner fan girl on my back. Last time I did a back to school ClaustroClothic, it was my Roscoe’s Wetsuit DIY vest. It doesn’t match a single thing I was even wearing in this outfit but it exists and it makes it fairly easy to use as a purse. The other thing is the skull ring I scored for two dollars. It’s cool because it matches my scarf and my bag.

Back To School Fashion-8 Back To School Fashion-9 Back To School Fashion-18

What was the most expensive piece of the outfit, where did it come from, and how much was it?

The most expensive thing in the outfit was actually the scarf. The scarf isn’t actually a scarf, it’s a part of 7 yards of skull fishnet fabric. I bought it years ago in Lansing, Michigan from Hancock Fabrics. It’s surprisingly the most expensive piece of the outfit and was the last of it in the store. I’ve yet to find anything similar.

Back To School Fashion-3 Back To School Fashion-6Back To School Fashion-11 Back To School Fashion-16 Back To School Fashion-17

What advice can I give to anyone trying to achieve this look?

If you’re ever going to try to get a “school skirt” look, don’t buy it right now (Depending on what time of the year you’re reading this.) especially not from hot Topic. I’m an xs and their XSs are almost always gone. They’re smalls are running bigger and bigger every year. Instead, wait for the school clothes season. Hti the clearance section and even the dollar store. During the back to school season, plaid skirts and white shirts are plentiful. They’re the cheapest just a few weeks after school starts!

What did you wear to your first day of school?

No seriously, I want to know! What look were you going for? Also, stay tuned for my next ClaustroClothic where I’ll be showing off a birthday gift just in time for one of my favorite musicians to be back in town! Until then, this fashionista is hasta la vista!