Hey guys? Want a FREE Book!? Book Giveaway!

Don’t you just love a book giveaway? 

I mean, come on. It’s free books!

So, do you guys remember this summer when my cousin and I hosted this really cool $2 book deal! For one week, we ran this crazy special where we launched a blog everyday about our books. Well, Veronica’s taking it to the next level with her blog’s revamp coming with the new year. From now until December 14, 2014… everyone that signs up for her newsletter gets a entry for a free copy of her third novel, Point of Infliction. 

Why you want this book…


Besides getting a free signed copy of a book directly from the author? Hmm. *taps chin*

Okay, so remember my first book? The Final Martini? The one that was kinda scary, where a character got buried alive right before the middle of the book? Yeah, okay picture that… but TFM meets Dexter. Vigilante walking around looking pretty damn attractive making things right in the world. Coming with all the gory bits and details. Point of Infliction is hands down the best book Veronica has released to date. I couldn’t put it done. Details in all the right places, and I’m not just talking about the messy bits… I’m talking the narration of Derek Caldwell gets even more in depth. Sometimes I forgot a lady even wrote it.

Besides that, Veronica actually gives you a behind the scenes look. A lot of behind the scenes looks. Besides the summer of suspense where each day of her $2 deal she gave you a reader’s look, POI has its own section on her website! So, you won’t have any room for questions and if you do there are tons of ways for you to reach her. 

Also, I have a copy of the book myself so we can talk about it! (I think I have two copies now that I think about it. I have one for my Kindle App too!)

Point of Infliction | Veronica N. Davis


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