Ashabi O – Chicago Mini Session| The Warrior Goddess

Ashabi is an absolutely bright model from Chicago who daylights as a barista at Starbucks. We originally had a shoot that kept getting cancelled by the rain, so this particular day we were determined. We had no concept, no location, no clue what the weather is gonna be and eventually the bare minimum of clothing. Somehow, we made this work.

The Warrior Goddess.
Ashabi Owa

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We had to take her out into the water. Mind you, it was like 50 degrees and as you can see the lovely lady is clad in nothing but her underwear and a flannel. This was truly one of the most gorgeous visions you could ever see. This woman only armed with a large staff making her way into the water as if she were on a quest.


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Ashabi Owa, better known as nerdy model has a Tumblr, a Facebook, an Instagramand a Twitter. Professionally modeling under several different categories, she is officially open for booking for the summer.

Email: ashabi.owa@gmail.com for photoshoot/booking. Serious inquires only

Don’t forget that you can book a shoot with me too! 

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