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ANIMAL | Jasemine Denise

In about a week or two, you are going to witness one of the most awesome collaborations of all year. Shop Kinky Girly and Jasemine Denise Photography merged magical powers to create the ultimate collaboration in Detroit. In the meantime, you’ve seen my Beautiful Dangerous set, right? How I was dying about the Twilla Heart Collar I got from the great SKG? Well, Mama’s got a brand new chest harness to match. What kind of fan girl would I be, if I didn’t do a photoshoot for it?

Disclaimer: I am in no way paid by any vendor to give any products a positive review. Any positive feedback given to any of the items linked in this blog post are strictly based off personal interest.

So without further anticipation, Jasemine Denise Photography is A N I M A L.

Animal | Jasemine Denise


Photography by: Ray Collins | Editing by: Jasemine-Denise

In case you Kings and Queens didn’t know, purple is my favorite color. I like it when the sun sets and the sky looks all orange and purple. This session was shot in the darkest corners with the smallest beam of the brightest light.


I’m like an animal, let me out of my cage.
I’m like an animal… Feel my fucking rage.
(- The Pink Slips)

The leather bra I’m rocking during this shoot is a Traingl bra. People ask me all the time… It’s a swimsuit bikini bra but it’s comfortable as all hell. There a few very cheap alternatives and they’re actually really, really close to the real thing. The chest harness on top of that is a Leona Chest Harness straight from SKG. Now.. on with the show!

animal-punk-black-girl-jasemine-denise-photography-15 animal-punk-black-girl-jasemine-denise-photography-16

animal-punk-black-girl-jasemine-denise-photography-20animal-punk-black-girl-jasemine-denise-photography-21animal-punk-black-girl-jasemine-denise-photography-23 animal-punk-black-girl-jasemine-denise-photography-24



Smell you later.
Stick around as well because next week I’ll be dropping the Detroit Collaboration and you do not want to miss it.

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