An Open Letter To The Future Readers Of “Twisted Illusions”

Dear [x]

I wish I could replace [x] with the name of a person, someone who I know is going to indeed pick up, read and fully understand Twisted Illusions but that’s the gamble of writing a novel. You never know who’s going to read it, who’s going to feel it the way it was written and fully grasp all the messages. Twisted Illusions was written from the heart. There are details in this series that I can’t fully conjure up vocally.

So many people have been asking for a summary, a hint, a character’s name even. For almost two years, I haven’t given a detail, a snippet, etc. The first book is probably going to confuse you. I hope it doesn’t, but I won’t hold it against you if it does. It’s meant to. It’s meant to make you question, it’s meant to pull you into a journey that you’re not sure how you got down. Because that’s how life is.. that’s how life’s been.

I want you, you who I’ve named [x] whoever you are to take the journey, feel it, and know that there are things you’re going to read in this book that are written in depth from experiences, from feelings, and from real events. All the while staying fiction. I want you to fully immerse yourself, and when they journey is over, I want you to truly feel.  That’s a bit ambiguous and also demanding, but it doesn’t have to be.

The purpose of Twisted Illusions is to touch someone but also to entertain anyone. Ideally, Someone’s going to feel it. Someone’s going to endure the same emotions I did creating it. That’s why it’s taken over two years to create just one piece of it. Every time I thought it was done and time to move on, it drew me back in.

I can’t wait for you to read it. Please be gentle with my heart. (And by my heart I do mean, Novel #2, the whole three parts.) Each session in this trilogy describes a different time.

I really hope that you, whoever you are [x], stay with me through this journey.

Thank you. Also, thank you from future me to future you for giving Twisted Illusions a chance.



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