ChristinexCarter | Chicago Alt Model Portrait Session

When Christine told me she was a major Disney fan, it wasn’t hard for me to believe. She definitely had the Disney doe eyes that’ll draw you in. I was more than excited about our location at the Osaka Gardens where the was a small stunning bridge, a beautiful small body of water, and a bird that just had to watch the whole shoot diligently from afar. She even got photo-bombed and trust me when I say that we were ready!

Osaka Gardens -1

So, Who is Christine?

ChristinexCarter - Chicago Alternative Model-4

Christine is no stranger to the “alt model scene.” Yet, at the same time she doesn’t fit the stereotype that so many people have become so used to. Though she is definitely tattooed, she has a totally different vibe than what you’re accustomed to. She’s been modeling for a little over four years now and after just spending twenty minutes with her, I could sense she was a natural! She has a Facebook page which you are all welcome to like where she features a lot of phenomenal photos from her previous shoots.


Fun Fact: Christine also now holds the title as the best client picked consultation venue of 2014. The place we had our first meeting at was amazing but we got caught in the rain the second we left. The day of our shoot was also scheduled as a rainy day, but it didn’t rain until after we finished! Not only is Christine a Disney princess, she’s a rain woman!

ChristinexCarter - Chicago Alternative Model



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Chicago Portrait Session

Don’t forget to check out the lovely Chicago ‘alt model’, Christine Carter on her Facebook like page , and if you’re just dying to know where that cute skirt came from, Christine is one of the lovely models for the clothing line Dead Leigh Clothing!


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