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Adventures With Becky // Wanderlust Wednesday

In case it wasn’t apparent to you guys yet, I love exploring. When I’m not on the road photographing weddings, kids, and the lot.. I’m falling in love with the sight of someone else telling me what they’ve fallen in love with around them. That being said, meet the lovely Becky. I met Becky at my last shoot with Erin. That shoot had a part one and a part two and Becky was in both! Now, it’s time that she flew solo for an adventure!

Becky took us to a beautiful sunset at the end of her session that I couldn’t help but capture her in. As she admired it, I was impressed by such a beautiful sight. She has filled my Wanderlust heart!

Becky Mccafferty-1

Meet Becky. If you haven’t already, you need to know three things. She’s taken, she’s beautiful and she’s got a golden personality.

Becky McCafferty - Adventures with Becky-2-2

Becky McCafferty - Adventures with Becky-9

Becky McCafferty - Adventures with Becky-5-2

Becky McCafferty - Adventures with Becky - Adventures-12 Becky McCafferty - Adventures with Becky - Adventures-13

Shortly after the multitude of portraits of her pretty face due to how her and the weather had aligned so stunningly, we ventured off to a beautiful little cut off spot by the water. She fearlessly climbed the rocks and sat at the top. For moments, we didn’t say anything.. We simply stared out and admired the beauty.

Becky McCafferty - Adventures with Becky-5Becky Mccaferty - For The Blog-1

Becky McCafferty - Adventures with Becky - Adventures-2 Becky McCafferty - Adventures with Becky - Adventures-3

What Becky Thought of Her Session:

This session was  a gift for Becky from her boyfriend Joe and I couldn’t have been more honored. Truth be told, I wanted so desperately to give her something special because she deserved it and because Joe had entrusted me with such a gift. When it was all over, I eagerly sought out to find out if Becky had felt like Joe had made the right decision. She was in love.

Jasemine has a really wonderful way of pulling out someone’s natural beauty and smile. She helps pushes anyone fears of being behind a camera away and allows you to open yourself up.

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    February 4, 2016 at 10:30 pm

    Awesome pics looking so beautiful.. 🙂

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    February 5, 2016 at 6:20 am

    Great photography!

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