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ClaustroClothic #32: Back To School Alternative Fashion

Looking back, I started the fashion portion of this blog back in what would’ve been considered my freshman year of college. I wanted so desperately document how my alternative fashion would be affected by going to college and starting a business. I didn’t think that three years later, I’d be photographing women slaying so many fashion looks, working with designers, etc. Today, I celebrate by doing yet another back to school look.

Flashback to one of my older ClaustroClothic looks. 

ClaustroClothic #32: Back To School // Alternative Fashion

Back in September of 2014, I let you know that my back to school looks have never been modest. Stepping out, I always wanted to let my classmates know that I was eclectic and that it’s probably in their best mind to get used to having that 90s goth girl aesthetic in their classroom. It’s also worth noting that my freshman year of high school was spent at an all girl’s catholic school, so I was no stranger to plaid skirts.

Now, present-day, I’ve ditched the plaid skirt and went for a more grown up look.  The plaid is still in there but it’s topped off with a Deviant Harness from SKG Designs and a Fiona Leather collar all underneath my new favorite red leather jacket from Forever 21. Honestly, it’s very seldom I’m trying to do something major with alternative fashion and can’t find some SKG to throw in there.

What Inspired this outfit?

I’ve actually been trying to find a way style that Fiona red leather ever since I saw it on my girl V during a shoot!

V’s look 


I’m also rocking the Dita bottoms because I was definitely not trying to hunt down a pair of stockings. It’s still kinda warm here in Chicago so I felt like I had the chance to show a little leg.

You can’t see them, but I topped the entire look off with an updated pair of boots from my last Back to School look. The ones I have now leave room for thigh high socks which keep my feet warm!

What advice can I give to anyone trying to achieve this look?

Don’t be afraid to be bold! I hear so many women say “I wish I could dress like that but–” There is no but. There’s a time and a place for every single look you can serve. Find an environment to rock your edginess. We only have one life and I don’t wanna spend it looking at clothes on a rack saying “I wish I had the confidence for this.” I’ve sewn clothes down, changed things around, bought things and worked out until I had the body I wanted to wear them… Fashion is a passion. It’s a state of mind. It’s something that calls to you and you deserve to wear it the way you know how! Like I said, there’s a time and a place. Though I wouldn’t have worn this my freshman year of college, I’ll definitely rock this outfit to a party now!

Till next time, what are you wearing?


boudoir Photography

2B Cosplay | Boudoir Edition

2B cosplay, you say? Are you ready? Did you miss the SKGxJDP boudoir weekend in Chicago? If you did, honey… It was crazy! There are live streams going on Patreon soon!

2B Cosplay | Jazzi Locke | SKG Designs 

2B Cosplay | Jazzi Locke | 2B cosplay Boudoir

Jazzi is rocking a custom Valentina Harness and a two toned Tempest body cage garter belt. 

Jazzi and I first shot her original 2B cosplay at Anime Central earlier this year. I was impressed. It was her first shoot with me and I was excited to say the least. For those of you like me, who have no idea what most of these cosplays are, 2B is a character from Neir Automata.

Jazz’s Anime Central photoshoot featured a traditional 2B cosplay. Fully dressed in the outfit, she looked completely gorgeous wielding a sword! This 2B however was a little less fight-ready and a little more… alluring. 

This 2B cosplay boudoir photoshoot was brought to you by…

SKG Designs and Jasemine Denise Photography. The amazing model, Jazzi Locke is one of SKG’s brand ambassadors and you can use her code VampyKoumori to get 10% off your first SKG order! Stick around because there are more SKGxJDP boudoir photoshoots coming soon.

Until then.
Slay on, Kings and Queens.

Photography Portrait

Happy Birthday Spencer! | Chicago Punk

Happy birthday to one of my favorite friends, Spencer, one of the raddest Chicago punk guys I know. Fun Fact: His birthday is the day after mine.

Spencer | Chicago Punk |

The last time you saw Spencer here at JDcom, it was celebrating his birthday two years ago with the release of a fall photoshoot between him and his lovely, now fiance, Janet. They quickly became relationship goals for a lot of people and I was proud to know that these were my friends.

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Zuri’s First Birthday // Cake Smash Photoshoot

Most of you don’t know that I don’t just shoot models. Sometimes it’s families, sometimes it’s cosplayers, all the time it’s magic. Today it’s smish-smash, Zuri’s Cake Smash! This isn’t your ordinary cake smash photoshoot. It’s extremely unique because Zuri (officially a year old!) may not like cake? Haha, was that a spoiler alert?

Zuri’s First Birthday // Cake Smash Photoshoot

Let’s just start off by acknowledging that this one year old is an angel. An absolute angel. Her mother Jay, got her the cutest little outfit and there she stood as if she was a runway model in the making, proudly sporting her 1st birthday mermaid onesie!


Now the moment you’ve been waiting for… The cake smash!

Truth be told, I was a little nervous the way Zuri was eyeing this cake. Secret time: It wasn’t just her first cake smash photoshoot, it was mine too. I was nervous as she began to dig in. On first inspection, Zuri seemed confused. Her mother had to show her that it was okay to stick her hand in.

It all seemed well…
Until Zuri realized that she was making a mess on herself.

While most kids are eager to get messy, Zuri is not amused by these antics, and at this point I’m a little shook. What do we do?

We clean her off and let her try again.
At this point, her mom and I are rooting for her.
Come on Zuri.
You got it.

She looks ready!

Ladies and GENTLEMEN,
We have a successful cake smash!

Have you done a cake smash photoshoot yet?

Cake smash photoshoots are completely new to me! I had heard of them but I had never actually experienced one. I think for my first, this was one for the books. I’d like to thank Zuri and her mom Jay for letting me share their experience! Follow Jasemine Denise Photography on Instagram for more photoshoots coming forth and always remember that you can book a photoshoot for your child, yourself, or anyone else by filling out a booking form!