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February 2016

Books Fan Friday

Fan Friday: The Good Soldier by Jill Robi

I don’t care who you are… You need a copy of this book in your closet. I’m serious. Girl, guy, vampire.. Jill Robi wrote this book in a way that almost anyone can fall in love with it. Even if you’re a villain. Brace yourselves, this Friday I’m gonna fan girl about Jill Robi and her book The Good Soldier… again.

Twisted Series - Jasemine Denise-24Fan Friday: The Good Soldier

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Conceptual Photography

Anti // Valentine’s Day Special || Pokahontas

This Valentine’s Day is not for the lovers. It’s not about roses, chocolates, and sweet nothings. This Valentine’s Day is for the Anti Valentines. Cupid is here with.. a dark arrow.

I personally am probably the biggest “Anti” Valentine’s Day has ever had. I hate everything about Valentine’s Day and as a girl in the dating world I always wondered what was going on with my relationship with Cupid. Was the perfect man too much to ask? Did Cupid just overlook me? Or was Cupid truly a vengeance demon…  Everyone always described Cupid as a little naked baby with wings and an bow and arrow. What if that’s not cupid? What if Cupid was actually a woman.. a siren… Someone who lures you in with the promise of sweet love, but instead gives you sweet nothings?

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ClaustroClothic #40: Nasty Gal Clothing

Last Friday, I did a whole Fan Friday about how in love with Nasty Gal Clothing I was. I told you guys about how I love the fact that their items start at xxs because it helps me feel comfortable about my 00, 4’11 size. Well, I couldn’t tell you guys all about it without doing a ClaustroClothic right? So, ClaustroClothic #40 is Nasty Gal. As always at the end of the shoot, there’s link to all the gear so you can get the look as well!

ClaustroClothic #40: Nasty Gal Clothing

ClaustroClothic - Nasty Gal - Jasemine Denise Photography - Fahsion Blog-2

What Inspired This outfit?

Jasemine Denise - Nasty Gal Clothing

After I got my first Nasty Girl package, I took a look at their Pinterest. I was digging their styles and looks but I felt like it was missing one: A ClaustroClothic look! So, I started piecing together silver and black. I wanted it to be simple, dark, and edgy.  I started with the corset lace top and built the rest of my outfit from there.

What Part of the Outfit was the Most Challenging?
ClaustroClothic - Nasty Gal - Jasemine Denise Photography - Fahsion Blog-3

This time, it was definitely the bag. I don’t typically carry anything outside of my camera bag so it had to be something badass. I got this bag trying to do a luxury look for a black tie event and it fit into this look perfectly! Who says luxury can’t also be edgy?

ClaustroClothic - Nasty Gal - Jasemine Denise Photography - Fahsion Blog-21

Favorite Part of the Outfit?

ClaustroClothic - Nasty Gal - Jasemine Denise Photography - Fahsion Blog-20

Definitely madly in love with the flowy sleeves of the shirt. Just like the white one in my Fan Friday, this shirt gives me this real princess feeling. The corset in it really completes the look especially alongside the collar. Silver on silver on silver. It’s literally amazing.

ClaustroClothic - Nasty Gal - Jasemine Denise Photography - Fahsion Blog-6


Wanna see more of my looks?

Why thank you, I’m honored! You can always follow my Instagram for my outfit of the day posts, and you can subscribe to the blog for inside peeks of the next look!

Get the Look!

H&M – Biker Pants – Black – Ladies • H&M • $17.99
Rag & Bone Floppy Brim Wool Fedora Hat, Black • Rag and Bone • $195
Rampage Quilted-Detail Tote • Rampage • $24.99
Women’s Demonia Swing 220 – Black PU Casual Shoes • Demonia • $91.95
Factory Sheer Genius Lace-Up Top • Nasty Gal • $29
Nasty Gal Savoy Lace-Up Mini Dress • Nasty Gal • $88
Factory Mari Lace Up Top • $47.60
Nasty Gal Harper Lace Up Top • Nasty Gal • $20.40
Collar • Amazon $13.99

boudoir Photography

Rock & Roll Queen // Saint Mortis

Imagine a bass guitar, a room above More Light Photography studio and a rock and roll queen. Saint Mortis returns for not her first, not second, but third JDP session. This time, she takes us into an room where she brings both the light and the rock and roll. All hail the Queen.
Note to the Reader: This isn’t the first time we’ve been in More Light Photography‘s studio either. Remember when we took John there for a day in the life of What He Wears?

Let’s Follow Saint Mortis.

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Fan Friday fashion

Fan Girl Friday: Nasty Gal

I don’t typically follow trends but I got a particular inbox message from a site that I follow about a fashion collaboration that involved Courtney Love. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m more a fan of Love’s late husband Kurt Cobain than I was her. (Especially with the coming of documentaries like Montage of Heck.) The one thing I always loved about Courtney however was her unique and eclectic style. I didn’t want to just jump straight into buying everything specifically from Courtney’s collaboration; I wanted to check out the clothing company first… Guess what.. I loved it. 

Note: I was not paid or given any form of compensation to write this post! For the love of fan girl, I bring you..

Fan Girl Friday: Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal is having a 30% sale right now and that got me hype. I wanted to get something under $50 to see how it fit and how I was gonna love everything before I transitioned into the possibility of getting into the Courtney Love collaboration line. Let me tell you, what I immediately loved about Nasty Gal before I even made my purchase!

The CEO of Nasty Gal is Sophia Amoruso!

As in the Sophia Amoruso, author of #GirlBoss. This book is every young entrepreneur woman’s mantra right now. I quote it all the time. It’s amazing and so I was already motivated to fall in love with this clothing company because it’s owned by a GIRL BOSS! Can you believe she started Nasty Gal on EBAY?! It’s motivating.

Valentine’s Day Messages All Across The Front Page Motivating Self Love!

“Who needs boys when you’ve got bank?”

I’m going through this awesome phase of life where I am loving my single self. I’m in love with being able to take care of myself and be financially stable. The greatest part of looking at Nasty Gal website is that they were openly saying “Hey, you. Girl over there! Continue to love yourself!”


Shopping on Nasty Gall!


XXS?! No way.

The website is awesome. The reviews on all the items really motivated me to buy it but what was the most great was the fact that they had xxs listed as a size. Hello! That’s me! Being 4’11 and 90lbs, it’s always awkward being at family events because everyone calls me “anorexic” and worries about my size. I can assure you, that I eat all the time. There’s not really a place to feel “safe” being a smaller woman. Nasty Gal actually took that fear away for me. It started its size listings at xxs which made me comfortable ordering something that I felt would be “flattering”.

Nasty Gal - Jasemine Denise Photography - Fahsion Blog-8

30% off turned my $50 order into a $33 order.

So I bought two shirts. I was super excited for it. I get to check out, and the 30% coupon immediately applied! The two shirts I bought were already sale items [items that I can’t even believe were so cheap] and wham! My order came down by $20.

The shipping was only $5.

When a site says free shipping off of items $75 or more, I picture myself paying my arm, leg, and two pineapples for shipping. Seeing that my order really only had five dollars of shipping made me really excited and a bit emotional.

How soon will my item arrive?

It was crazy! So, I ordered my item on Friday. FRIDAY, okay? It arrived that Monday. I was so excited when I got the package that I tore it open, ripped it out and immediately threw it on. Fit like a glove. A really cute, adorable, and sexy glove.

Nasty Gal - Jasemine Denise Photography - Fahsion Blog-13
Nasty Gal - Jasemine Denise Photography - Fahsion Blog-14


I included a few items that you guys might like below.

Get you some girl! (Or guys, get your girl some!) They have some cute lingerie under $50 for my bargain shoppers and it’ll get to you before Valentine’s Day! I know I’m about to start putting in some saving money to get some of that new Courtney Love inspired looks because hell yes! Down below is my shirt, and two Courtney Love pieces. Click on them, they’ll send you to NastyGal and you can either buy them or check more out!

Have you already heard of NastyGal and wanna fangirl about it yourself? Tell me all about it in the comments.

Photography Portrait

Adventures With Becky // Wanderlust Wednesday

In case it wasn’t apparent to you guys yet, I love exploring. When I’m not on the road photographing weddings, kids, and the lot.. I’m falling in love with the sight of someone else telling me what they’ve fallen in love with around them. That being said, meet the lovely Becky. I met Becky at my last shoot with Erin. That shoot had a part one and a part two and Becky was in both! Now, it’s time that she flew solo for an adventure!

Becky took us to a beautiful sunset at the end of her session that I couldn’t help but capture her in. As she admired it, I was impressed by such a beautiful sight. She has filled my Wanderlust heart! Continue Reading