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Gorgeous Couple’s Engagement Session | Chicago, IL

This is an important Engagement Session.

Why? There are not many photo shoots out here glorifying the strength of a devoted black couple. Movies and pop culture lead us to believe so many negative things that we’re convinced the only way to build a relationship is to “date outside our race.” Remember to love who you love without question. Here illustrates a hard working couple (both man and woman) who have raised a son together and are completely and totally in love with one another.


Congratulations to Tynisha and Phillip are scheduled to officially be wed upon March 07th, 2015.


Hers - Title Card

She is a model with a day job. Independent and armed with a deadly sweet personality, her spoils are split between her fiance and her son. Despite being in the business of getting money and getting photographed, Tynisha finds time to attend college classes and is a Criminal Law major.


His - Title Card


He is the man with the plan. He’s a hardworking gentlemen with a sensible attitude and an honest personality. Right now, he is working on a huge investment that will put him in the position to expand on his own innovative. When he’s not conjuring up ways to contribute to the creative world, he’s spending his off-days with his fiance and his son.

One The Run Couple-2One The Run Couple-3


Together they are, the Hustle.

Chicago black engagement couple-1

Black Couple Engagement Session - Chicago IL-1-2

Define Hustle.


hustle (Noun/Verb) 
A way of life, a hard and well paying job.
Sometimes you fall in love with someone and you become a team, a unit, a vision of sucess. The world sees you as a criminal, someone who can’t possibly be doing everything right. Two people who are well off and happy with one another WHILE being successful?! MADNESS.
What do you do? I mean, obviously you don’t listen to this multitude of people who can’t see what you have. You have to take that happiness and run off with it. Find utopia with that person and stay away from anyone trying to take over your empire.
So you’ve found utopia together…

What comes next?

Oh, you already know..

Last Upload-3

Black Couple Engagement Session - Chicago IL-1 Black Couple Engagement Session - Chicago IL-2 Black Couple Engagement Session - Chicago IL-3 Black Couple Engagement Session - Chicago IL-4 Black Couple Engagement Session - Chicago IL-5 Black Couple Engagement Session - Chicago IL-7 Black Couple Engagement Session - Chicago IL-8 Black Couple Engagement Session - Chicago IL-9
Last Upload-6 Last Upload-8
When you fall in love with someone, you don’t stop hustling… You just do it as a team. Congratulations again to TyNisha and Phillip on their engagement. I wish you both a long, productive, earth shattering marriage. 

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What Love Means to Me.


The next time you may be falling for someone…. Freeze time. Immortalize every second of it. Take pictures of them sleeping, Tell them you’re thinking of them. Play the songs that make you think of them. Tell them you miss them. Don’t cover up your smiles. Speak your mind. Have crazy sex. Make passionate love. Sing to each other. Take road trips. Hold hands. Listen. Express yourself. Fight and makeup. Cry together and smile. Tell each other about your day. Call and say good morning.

Feel like you’re falling.

At the end of the day, those are the pieces of love that you miss the most.

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How To Make New Year’s Resolutions Work.

It’s officially been a week into the year 2015. Congratulations if you’re reading this, we made it together. Every year, the majority of us set a bunch of New Year’s Resolutions but we forget the most important thing. What do resolutions mean? It means to plan. Every year, we make a plan for the new year. So do you want to know how to make New Resolutions work? Well get out your list and get ready for some tips. Continue Reading