007 Days Of Halloween // Halloween Photoshoot 1

You’re all familiar with the video “The Worst” by Jhene Aiko right? Okay this is something like that but at the same time.. This is nothing like that. If you are sensitive to blood, this week is very much not for you over here at JDcom. It’s a lot like last year’s Halloween sessions. Again, if you are sensitive to blood, I advise you to turn away now. No one was harmed in the making of this photoshoot but it’s close enough looking..

Meet Gabbie //Red Rum - The Worst Jasemine Denise Photography-13

Gabbie has been a house wife for years content on staying home while her husband is off away at work. Each night she has a bottle of wine but it seems like it’s not enough. She’s sick and tired of the same old deal.. The same sad apologies, the late hours, the smudges of lipstick she seems to find on his shirt. She stopped asking a long time ago. He always had an excuse…

Red Rum - The Worst Jasemine Denise Photography-14

Finally fed up with the neglect, she called me up and asked if I was free for a bottle of wine. “Your favorite drink is rum right?” She asked and I shook my head a bit. Gabbie knew about my infamous coconut allergy. What was she on about?  I entered the bathroom but paused in horror as I saw the walls around me. Covered in blood, lipstick smeared all over the place, and as I peered closer.. I realized the blood was still dripping wet. “Gabbie.” Our eyes met. She didn’t say a word but her eyes said it all. As I followed her sienna oval eyes downward, I was sure that my blood had turned colder than the stiff body between us.

Red Rum - The Worst Jasemine Denise Photography-8

Lying in the bathtub was our friend and her husband Raymond Paige. “Gabbie–” I choked out and tumbled backwards. She didn’t respond. Instead, she leaned over and cooed to Ray’s body in her kindest voice:

Red Rum - The Worst Jasemine Denise Photography-19

Red Rum - The Worst Jasemine Denise Photography-4

“Wakey wakey Ray. Jasemine’s here. You cheating–lying–son of a–” 

Red Rum - The Worst Jasemine Denise Photography-5

Then she was stabbing him all over again. “Gabbie!” I heard my own voice scream but by then it was lost in requiem. She turned to me with a sadistic smile and said “You’re next.” My mouth dropped open but she said nothing else. She simply sat back, sipped her wine and hummed to herself.

Red Rum - The Worst Jasemine Denise Photography-6Red Rum - The Worst Jasemine Denise Photography-1Red Rum - The Worst Jasemine Denise Photography-2Red Rum - The Worst Jasemine Denise Photography-3


Fun fact. Gabbie’s not really crazy. She’s ridiculously kind. Raymond’s not dead either. I’m actually certain that he got a magnificent nap out of the deal. He’s okay. And just in case you don’t believe me..

Red Rum - The Worst Jasemine Denise Photography-12

Thanks for being a great sport, Raymond!

What did you guys think? Are you ready for tomorrow? Rumor has it you’ll get a mafia story.


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