004 Day of Halloween: Feral Kitten

Happy Halloween ghouls and Goblins. It’s only the fourth “day”, so you’ve got more Halloween-y goodness to look forward to on the blog today.

Feral Kitten // Kali Neko

During our boudoir sessions marathon (which you’ll be seeing soon over here at JDcom), I got the pleasure of photographing Kali in her fursona. The shoot started off fairly normal. Seductive poses, cute little smiles, an average day at JDP. Suddenly, Kali looked afraid. She looked as if something was wrong. There was no time to ask before she’d tumbled to the floor.

Fursona - Kali Neko-62

“Kali?” I leaned over the bed I was perched on and all I got back was a gentle purring in response. “Uh… Dude…Girl… Kali?” I lifted an eyebrow. “Where did that yarn come from?” I asked as I saw the yarnballs in front of her.

Fursona - Kali Neko-3Fursona - Kali Neko-38Fursona - Kali Neko-39Fursona - Kali Neko-35Fursona - Kali Neko-28Fursona - Kali Neko-31

I was confused and kinda shocked. There she was purring on the floor, like a real cat. Part of me wanted to pet her and part of me wanted to run. I’d never seen her like this. Yet, if there’s one thing I know that everyone else Kali knows as well is that she is most known for just being herself. She had always reminded me of a cat. She moved with grace, had

Fursona - Kali Neko-23
Fursona - Kali Neko-25Fursona - Kali Neko-26

For the first time, I wasn’t afraid. I allowed Kali to roll the ball of yarn over to me, and I sent it back to her and for a while I just enjoyed it. After the week I’ve had almost being murdered on two different occasions (once by Gabbie and once by Libby), I could use a mellow moment with a feral kitty.

Fursona - Kali Neko-49Fursona - Kali Neko-42Fursona - Kali Neko-46Fursona - Kali Neko-10


Happy Halloween!

Stay tuned later today for a Halloween treat, and don’t forget to follow Kali on Facebook and Instagram! You’ll see her back here again soon for her Blair Boudoir Cosplay.

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