002:Supernatural Bonnie and Clyde

As Halloween beckons, the tales continue with the Supernatural Bonnie and Clyde. He was a mafia Prince inheriting the underbelly of Chicago. She was a demon gone rogue under the radar of all hunters. He promised protection, she promised eternal life.. who would’ve ever dreamt up such a match made in hell…



Jake had never killed a soul. He never had to. He always had someone else to make his moves but suddenly.. he’d met this woman.. this goddess who he would kill for but she came with a set of problems.

Brittany and Jake-19Brittany and Jake-21

“Kitten’s got claws.” he’d joked the first time she’d hissed at a girl across the bar. She was his little golden girl. His dark goddess… Until one day. She got that look in her eyes… Her kisses got a little more vicious.. It was never her claws he had to be wary about, but rather.. her fangs.

Brittany and Jake-12

“Are you ready?” She asked and he looked over. She doesn’t wait. Instead she sinks her teeth into him.. An eternal kiss. One that leaves him breathless… Literally. When he came to, he was seeing red… His brain felt lighter, his skin felt tougher and he was only really sure of one thing… His dark Goddess was at his side. Therefore, he was happy. Now he could see it, what she saw.. The redness.. The anger, the need to kill anyone who stood in his way.



Brittany and Jake - Bonnie and Clyde-1Brittany and Jake - Bonnie and Clyde-2

He lived to serve her.. Little did he know.. that was her plan all along. Forever in eternity as her slave…. He was her greatest kill and he loved every moment of it.



What do you think…

Do you think she was right to take him as her own.. without his permission. He knew he had fallen in love but her bite made it impossible to think otherwise. Don’t forget, if you missed Monday’s Horror Story, that you have to check that out! 

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