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Secret Engagement: Raymond and Gabbie

Gabbie and Ray

I love love. I really don’t think I tell you guys enough how much love makes me giggle inside. You can only imagine how excited I am that I get to be a part of things that involve love. So when my good friend Raymond came to me about surprising Gabbie, his now fiance with her ring, I got way excited. Like… Over 9,000 watts of “OMG YASSS!” You guys ready for the cutest first secret engagement I’ve shot of 2016?

Secret Engagement: Gabbie and Raymond

It was the morning of Anime Central, the very first day. Raymond had agreed to get Gabbie up early in the morning for her to prepare herself for a photoshoot. What made this cute is that Raymond is never the one to initiate a photoshoot. He’s always giggling and being silly because that’s who he is naturally. Today, he was all smiling and cooperating because he knew that this was the day that there was something more. 

On the flipside, someone was a little more on the silly side.

In seconds, Ray had disappeared to “give Gabbie a couple shots by herself.”

Gabbie and Raymond - Engagement Photoshoot-35

If you guys didn’t know already.. Gabbie is a master makeup artist. I did a Fan Girl Friday on her a while back. Her pinup looks are too DIE for. You can check the rest of her looks out on Facebook and Instagram.  So anyway, Raymond comes back out.. tells Gabbie to close her eyes and when she does, he slowly gets down on one knee. I’m telling you guys, this secret engagement gets so much more precious so quickly.


You know what else, guys? I had to spoil the ending but… She said yes!!

Gabbie and Raymond Paige- Secret Engagement


Isn’t that beautiful! Crossing my fingers for her to change her mind on me not being her photographer just because I’m also a bridesmaid in her wedding! I couldn’t be more proud of Raymond for tying the knot.


Want Your Own Secret Engagement?

Time to share this post on your significant other’s Facebook wall and nudge them violently as you give them the hint hint face! Like I said, I love love and I’ve been hanging on to some GORGEOUS photos that I’ll be releasing all summer to really get you in the mood to love love as well. If you’re reading this and you actually want to book your own secret engagement, slide on over to my website and place an inquiry. I want… no, I NEED to be your photographer for something so great!

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Nina – Flower Child

Nina Riggins - Jasemine Denise Photography - Spring 2016-31

Nina has been waiting for her time to shine. Diligently shooting behind the scenes with Jasemine Denise Photography for a little over two months now, she’s been bearing the cold, the wind and the rain. Finally.. her time has come. I still can’t believe it’s finally spring in Chicago. I honestly felt like this day was never going to come. Fun fact about Nina, she thrives in the sunlight. She’s got such a vivid and bright personality! She’s got the absolute personality of a flower child. It’s a beautiful thing!

Nina // Flower ChildNina Riggins - Jasemine Denise Photography - Spring 2016-40

They say that a truly free spirit cannot be tamed.

The essence of Nina is that she can go from a stone cold model face to a carefree black girl in a heartbeat. That is simply because that’s who she is. She’s got a beautiful smile and a creative spirit. The essence is deeply rooted within her. While she can be emotional and very serious, she can also be the kicked back girl you can catch an episode of Dragon Ball Z with.

Hidden depths are a gift.

It’s not long in any session before it simply blossoms out of Nina. It starts as a simple stare, which later transforms into a smile.. Eventually her inner essence consumes her and seemingly brightens everything else around her. Nina Riggins - Jasemine Denise Photography - Spring 2016-26Nina Riggins - Jasemine Denise Photography - Spring 2016-85

Nina Riggins - Jasemine Denise Photography - Spring 2016-89carefree black girl - flower childcarefree black girl - flower childNina Riggins - Jasemine Denise Photography - Spring 2016-41Nina Riggins - Jasemine Denise Photography - Spring 2016-42Nina Riggins - Jasemine Denise Photography - Spring 2016-43

The Wayward Winds of A flower child always blow away..

… but Nina will be back! Not shying away from the lens, Nina already has an extended archive of photoshoots with JDP all coming soon for your eyes only. As always, if you can’t get enough.. Make sure you pop on over to the photo blog to get your behind the scenes look from this session and others like it. You can follow Nina, the gorgeous model featured in this session on Instagram.

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Saint Mortis x Kinky Girly

Saint Mortis - Kinky Girl-9

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve done a bit of touring, went to Cleveland, got two new tattoos and got to shoot some amazing things. Truth be told, I didn’t think I’d be writing this blog post right now. I thought I’d be writing it Friday when it’s the regular day of fan girling but I couldn’t wait. I just had to show you guys Kinky Girly. Wait. It’s not how it sounds. Kinky Girly makes these amazing harnesses and leg garters of an awesome price with even awesomer craftsmanship. (Can you believe awesomer isn’t a word?) 

So, I called up one of my favorite models Saint Mortis and said, “Hey. Let’s do something kinky girly!” Five minutes into shooting, I knew I picked the right one. You guys ready?

Let’s stop right here and set a disclaimer: Neither the model nor I were paid or told to endorse Shop Kinky Girly in anyway. We just saw it, I loved it and I said “Hey, we should shoot in this dope stuff and of course Saint said: OKAY!”

Saint Mortis x Kinky Girly

Saint Mortis - Kinky Girly - Final Uploads-11

Saint Mortis - Kinky Girl-9Saint Mortis - Kinky Girl-6


Want Your Own Pair of Kinky Girly Garters?

Saint Mortis - Kinky Girly-15

I first found Kinky Girly on Etsy, and I couldn’t believe their prices honestly. There are so many different harness companies out there who are literally charging triple what Kinky Girly is for half of the quality. You can get a pair of these exact leg garters directly through this link. Tell them Saint and Jasemine sent you just because it sounds really cool!

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Axent Wear x Kali Neko

Kali Neko - Kitty Headphones - Final-1

Ever since I posted this teaser to Instagram, I’ve been asked a hundred times where the lovely Kali Neko got her Axent Wear cat ear headphones from. You’re welcome.  As soon as Kali whipped these colorful little babies out, I knew exactly what type of shoot this was going to be. Pretty lights, pretty woman, pretty sweet. Note: We are in no way affiliated  or representing Axent Wear… yet. 

Kali Neko - Kitty Headphones - Final-1

Kali Neko //
Axent Wear

In case you didn’t know, Kali is a magical girl. She has the ability to transform from her normal self, to any character in the world, and essentially always comes back to one… Her inner kitten. While you can watch all the transformations live on her Instagram page, the one that stands out the most is the magical kitten. I was always saying that all she needed was her ears.

Kali Neko - Kitty Headphones - Final-3 Kali Neko - Kitty Headphones - Final-5

Kali Neko - Kitty Headphones - Final-6 Kali Neko - Kitty Headphones - Final-7

Kali Neko - Kitty Headphones - Final-12 Kali Neko - Kitty Headphones-1


You can find Kali Neko in all her full glory on both Facebook, DeviantArt and Instagram. To contact her for collaborations and modeling inquiries, email tiggerwitch1@gmail.com. This year she’s transitioning into a geek niche fashion as well as spreading her wings as a cosplay model.


Black Excellence: The Evolution of Articulation.

Black Excellence - Squad Goals 2-2

Happy Twisted Tuesday. Although I spend a lot of Tuesdays promoting my new Twisted Series, I realized that writing is something passionate and worthy of giving more than one message. Today I share with you an important one that hits home to me. FYI: I grew up on the south side of Chicago if that provides any perspective on the tales you’re about to hear. 

The Evolution of Articulation

Black Excellence

Black Excellence - Squad Goals-3

High School:

I can remember it like it was yesterday. The way his eyes watched me as I spoke. Naturally, my stare skated away from his questing eyes as my hands moved rhythmically. I had captured the room’s attention and I wasn’t turning back now. When I was finally done, I sat back and looked at him once more as if challenging him to speak his mind.

“You know. You is so articulate.” He said with a warm smile and I couldn’t help but feel proud of myself. I had only been at the high school in this neighborhood for two years but hearing from a neighborhood native that my articulation was a good thing meant a lot. Finally, I wasn’t talking “white” or “proper” anymore. I was respected.

Six Months Later… 

We were kissing on the front porch of an abandoned building around the corner from class. He had convinced me to ditch my fifth period: Economics. I pulled out of the kiss and simply wanted him to hear it again… I opened my mouth to speak but he put his fingers to my lips giving me a lustful stare before saying: “Sh. Don’t talk.”

Black Excellence - Squad Goals-7

My First Big Girl Job:

“You know.” My boss stood beside me and smiled at me. “You’re not like other girls from your neighborhood.” She looked at me then and although I imagine that the word to describe it was an appreciative glare, it felt anything but.

I played coy and asked “What do you mean?”

“You know because black people speak really ghetto most of the time. We always have to hire people who can’t say library. Lie-berry.” She giggled at it. I didn’t want to tell her that that’s the way I pronounced it until I was in kindergarten and went to a suburban school where my teacher gave me a failing mark each time I mispronounced a word the way I’d heard my grandma say it. I didn’t tell her about how every time my damn tongue didn’t touch the tip of the back of my teeth, I’d cringe because “Ask” always came back out as “axe.”

It’s not as easy to shut off living in a neighborhood where people have trained you to believe that it’s okay when it’s not. No one was telling my neighbors that they were pronouncing “library” incorrectly. They were too busy trying to survive and the concept of correcting someone who probably had a gun hidden on him somewhere wasn’t inviting. This was my reality she was giggling at.

I’ll never forget the day I put my two week notice in. Good riddance to the world of privilege that didn’t understand that if you weren’t taught, you didn’t know why “everyone knows that” when you weren’t ever given a school system that provided you with a chance to learn that.

Present Day: 

Black Excellence - Squad Goals 2-2

“Move over guys!” I called out as a group of black men and women stood in the rain in their Sunday’s best.

“Girl! Hurry up and take this picture!” One of them called out but I paused and smiled. These were a group of black excellent adults just like me who had grown away from the system. In it were college graduates, full time job working people, and most of all an articulate group of male and female leaders. Each and everyone of them face the same thing I face everyday. Standing out.

Later that day, I had a consultation with a new client. She was from a different neighborhood than I was but I wasn’t uneasy. The events of that morning had made me confident that my articulation would surpass my address because one outweighed the other.

“Why should I choose you over other photographers?” She asked as she crossed one leg over the other. It felt like a challenge but I didn’t care. For once in my life, I had the strength to identify the one quality that had given me mixed emotions my whole life..

“I can articulate your vision. I can give people a shock factor you wouldn’t believe. If there’s one thing I’ve been told my entire life, it’s that I’m articulative and that’s a common misconception among young people in our demographic.” I stated sternly before crossing my own arms in an effort to mimic the gesture of challenge. She smiled and said:

“It’s impressive that you can identify that quality in yourself.”

Well. It wasn’t always like that as you can see. Society, interactions, and previous work relationships created this strange feeling of inadequacy so when I finally was complimented, I was almost stunned into silence and submission because I had to learn what a positive thing articulation was.

Articulation isn’t a bad thing. It doesn’t make you anymore attractive in a relationship or anymore desirable in a work place. It makes you project a form of excellence everywhere. It is a quality that no one should be talking down to you.

Don’t allow anyone to take your excellence away.



ClaustroClothic Punk Fashion : Top 5 Daily Looks.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Every now and again.. more like everyday, I’ll piece together a look for the day. If you guys have been to the blog before, you know that punk fashion is one of my favorite things. Sometimes, it’s very in the moment though. I’ll be too tired to whip out the camera or too in a rush so I’ll simply post the look to Tumblr in the form of a gifset. Today I wanted to show you some of the best looks you haven’t seen! Not only that, I’m going to tell you where you can get some of the pieces to put together an outfit like this yourself! If you’re really in love with them.. Don’t forget to follow me on Tumblr for more!

All gifsets created by me and are property of Jasemine Denise Photography.

1.) Riot Grrrl

I pieced this outfit together while creating a vest which you’ll get to see coming soon to JDcom. The plan was to combine a girly aspect with a biker punk look to emphasize the fact that women can be punk and pink at the same time. The challenge with the outfit was not overdoing the ‘punk’ side. They had to be even so eventually it boiled down to using the ‘punk aspect’ (studs, collars, etc) as the accessory pieces and to keep the pink the main front.

Get yourself a pair of those nifty leather gloves here, the collar or the pink skirt here. 

2.) Bike Belt Punk

At one point, I got an amazing belt right after getting another amazing belt so I wore them both at the same time. I love this look because it had like a biker girl feel to it without overdoing the metal/leather. It was also the first warm day in Chicago so I whipped out the fishnets and high waists and was very pleased overall with the way it turned out!

Get yourself a black studded belt. 

3.) Kinky Girl

That underbust corset is my go to for creating dark but flowing looks. It is literally one of my absolute favorites. Speaking of favorites, this look was created based off the harness I bought from Kinky Girl not too long ago. Surprisingly, it’s my first harness and it fits so snugly that I already know I’m going back to KG for my next one.

Get my harness or that amazing underbust corset. 

4.) Pixie Goth

This one’s not so much “punk fashion” but I couldn’t make a outfit master post without a Trish’s Hood Original. The top, my favorite corset top, is from Nasty Gal which I’m always fan-girling to you guys about. (I even did a full ClaustroClothic for a totally different look involving the same shirt.) I wanted to include something a little darker in this post without overdoing it. It’s funny because while the hood was handmade and the top was bought full price, the corset and the skirt are definitely secondhand!

Get yourself a a Nasty Gal sheer lace top like mine.

and finally number

5.) Jailhouse grunge

love this outfit. The best part about it is that it was nothing to put together. Five minutes before piecing it together, I decided very last minute that I wanted to pull of the “distressed look”, so I grabbed a seam ripper and started butchering the little $5 shirt from Forever 21. The skirt is a vegan leather piece I got from a seller on Depop. The corset is actually mesh and is a waist trainer (although I don’t need it). I made the joke when I posted this outfit that this is what I get for playing Jail House Rock by Elvis and Negative Creep back to back.

Get the corset and the collar!

Get punk fashion The Looks:

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Taking Back Thursday // Oxi Lox – Florida Tattoo Artist

Oxi Lox -15

Happy Taking Back Thursday! When I first met Oxi, I was mesmerized. Rainbow hair, colorful personality.. I mean she is just a total goddess! It gets better! Oxi is also a magnificent tattoo artist specializing in water color art.  Last time she came to the tattoo convention, I not only get a tattoo from her but I also got to photograph her beautiful self too! Are you ready for Oxi Lox, the cyber rainbow goddess?

Oxi Lox // Florida Tattoo Artist

Oxi Lox -7

As I said before, Oxi is such a colorful person with an amazingly kind spirit. When we planned this shoot, we only had one thought in mind.. Color. She had to be colorful. Honestly, when she walked in with her cyber glasses, I fell a little more in love.

Oxi Lox - Jasemine Denise Photography - Logan Square -3Oxi Lox -1

Oxi Lox -15

Oxi Lox - Jasemine Denise Photography - Full-10

Oxi Lox - Jasemine Denise Photography - Logan Square -9

Oxi Lox - Jasemine Denise Photography - Logan Square -10Oxi Lox - Jasemine Denise Photography - Logan Square -12

Oxi Lox - Jasemine Denise Photography - Full-20

Oxi Lox Rainbow hair- Jasemine Denise Photography-4Oxi Lox Rainbow hair- Jasemine Denise Photography-3

Oxi Lox!

Oxi Lox - Tattoo Convention-12

It’s been quite a bit since our first shoot together! In fact, we shot again the last time Oxi was in town! She had on the cutest panda outfit and I can’t wait to show you guys that too! In the meantime, in the spirit of taking back Thursday, I’m gonna take you back to the day I got my first tattoo from Oxi. As you can see by the photos below, I was beyond excited.
Oxi Lox Rainbow hair- Jasemine Denise Photography-6Oxi Lox Rainbow hair- Jasemine Denise Photography-6-2

The end result?

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Fan Friday makeup artists

Fan Friday: MUA On The Go

1916675_10156751248175220_1670027227317892854_n (1)

Last week, I posted a photo to Facebook of a makeup job that my friend Gabbie did for a contest at her school. I was super proud she’d asked me to come sit down and be the face of her project. While I’ve known Gabbie for about four years and worked with her on various projects throughout that time, I never get a chance to show you guys the end result. Here it is. For those who don’t know, she is the face behind MUA ON THE GO, and what a talent she has.

I appreciate makeup so much considering I’m still learning how to get my wingtip even, so I appreciate this look so much more and am actually pretty sad I didn’t take more pictures.

Fan Friday // MUA On The Go:

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