Fashion Blog | ClaustroClothic #22: Bratty Attitude

This fashion blog in the ClaustroClothic Collection is brought to you by Bratty Attitude by the Pink Slips.

ClaustroClothic # : Bratty Attitude

What inspired this look?

I’ve been trying to take back the power in pink!

When I was little, I hated pink. Not the singer, she’s actually one of my favorites ever. The color itself on the other hand, was one of my least. Pink was synonymous with Princesses and Damsels and I never aspired to be that.

So, over the past few years, specifically ever since I started a fashion blog which became an entire section of my Tumblr,.. I’ve been trying to take back the power in pink. I knew I wanted to keep all the elements of my punk style just with some pure pink greatness.

How did I put it together?

From there, it was finding the look. Since it’s getting cold in the city, I wanted something to protect my natural hair. Weave N Luxury is my go-to for wigs. They last forever if you haven’t noticed by my red and black wig. I told her that I wanted something pink. Didn’t actually specify what I wanted.

When she brought me the wig, I was in love. I knew instantly that it matched one of my favorite punk crop jackets I’ve made to date.

Let’s Talk Accessories.

I can’t remember the last time I haven’t styled a harness into my looks. When SKG released that new Vegan Collection, with the option of pink vegan leather, I knew it was over for me.

The Lydia Collar is one of my go tos, I have it in multiple colors. It’s subtle, it’s spiked, and it’s comfortable. The thing I love most about vegan leather collars is that when I sweat, they don’t feel weird on my body. Perfect for the summer or shows where it’s just a little too cramped.

The Aurora full body Harness is a new one for me. I don’t own too many full body elastic harnesses. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with them. I’ve seen them look amazing on everybody. I ordered mine custom colored from

Finally, the shoes. Oh the shoes.. I’m a huge fan of unique shoes. One of my absolute favorite brands ever is Iron Fist. I love them so much in fact that I did an entire look based off of them. These particular ones were an Ebay find and of course I had to have them because they were pink! They fit the look perfectly.

Stay Tuned!

There’s another pink look coming soon. You get more of the vegan collection of SKG in it too. In the meantime, make sure you follow me on Instagram to see my daily looks! As it gets colder outside, hopefully I’m gonna be showing you some warmer looks. I mean after all, there’s an entire fashion blog section of this website, right?

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