Happy Mini Session Monday, Kings and Queens. It’s beginning to feel a lot like winter in Chicago. The windy city is getting windier and everyone around me is already getting their winter clothes ready. Yet, I’m still nostalgic about autumn. I’m still anticipating the falling all the leaves and the the colors that come with it. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one. I do believe this is the first time I’m introducing you the beautiful Miss Noodlez, but trust me when I say you won’t be seeing the last of this adorable one!

Mini Session Monday: Noodlez


You can’t tell by looking at Noodlez, but she has an overactive imagination. Our first shoot together was a boudoir session and she was very shy. I mean, who wouldn’t be at a boudoir session for their fast time. Yet, the moment she let that smile through.. It was unstoppable. Unmeasurable.


That’s a wrap! Did you love this Mini Session?

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America may or may not have made an ass out of themselves this month. I’m not one to get political almost ever, but electing Donald Trump as president really felt like a dead era. To make matters a bit worse, one of my closest friends and models Saint Mortis moved to Vegas. Anyone who knew us knew that we were close. That was my daughter. So these past few weeks have been a bit of mourning for me. I wasn’t ready to jump head first into creative newer alternative fashion looks. I mean, it really felt like a dark time…

ClaustroClothic #37 embraces that darkness.

ClaustroClothic #37: Black Sheep
Alternative Fashion - Jasemine Denise Photography

Alternative Fashion curated and modeled by Jasemine-Denise

The last thing I was thinking about the morning after Trump won president was alternative fashion. Still, I had to get dressed. I needed to tell myself that this was reality. This is what I needed to remember this day… To move on… To continue to fight and to refuse to let him win. This is what I wore November 9th, 2016.

What inspired this outfit:

I was in a dark place when I created this outfit. It was morning, I had learned that Donald Trump had won the presidential debate and I still had to get up and do normal things. Go to breakfast, go to work, live life… My friends and family, particularly the ones in the LGBT+, POC, and women’s community were in mourning. My friend had to tell her students what had happened… Alternative fashion or anything of the sort was the last thing on my mind. Still, I had to get up… and wear my sadness on my sleeve.

What was the best part of this outfit?


The first thing that I saw when getting out of bed to put together this outfit was the purse my dear friend gave me on my final visit to see her before she started her journey. I have countless bags, but this one… This one was special.

What Part of the Outfit was the Most Challenging?

Bringing light into this outfit was the hardest. It was hard not to dress like a funeral. Our nation had just witnessed a tragedy and I couldn’t be more sad. Yet I knew that if I didn’t throw a little color into my outfit, a little light… I’d probably continue to feel that darkness all day.



What did I learn from this?

Hearing that Trump will be our next president was the like the death of me. November 9th 2016 is the day that I rose up. I didn’t rise up with fear not for the state of my safety as a POC but for all the lives I’m about to wreck making sure our voices are heard. Our struggles and oppression will not be silenced. It isn’t a game just because Trump won. We did not lose. This will only make us stronger and our voices louder. This cannot get to us. This should only make us stronger. This election means that a lot of people are going to try and break us, but they’re gonna fail. Miserably. I wear this darkness not as a mourning but as a warning that in dark times, we only get greater. The gold (that small bit of light) is royalty.

This queen reclaimed her throne…


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In about a week or two, you are going to witness one of the most awesome collaborations of all year. Shop Kinky Girly and Jasemine Denise Photography merged magical powers to create the ultimate collaboration in Detroit. In the meantime, you’ve seen my Beautiful Dangerous set, right? How I was dying about the Twilla Heart Collar I got from the great SKG? Well, Mama’s got a brand new chest harness to match. What kind of fan girl would I be, if I didn’t do a photoshoot for it?

Disclaimer: I am in no way paid by any vendor to give any products a positive review. Any positive feedback given to any of the items linked in this blog post are strictly based off personal interest.

So without further anticipation, Jasemine Denise Photography is A N I M A L.

Animal | Jasemine Deniseanimal-punk-black-girl-jasemine-denise-photography-9

Photography by: Ray Collins | Editing by: Jasemine-Denise

In case you Kings and Queens didn’t know, purple is my favorite color. I like it when the sun sets and the sky looks all orange and purple. This session was shot in the darkest corners with the smallest beam of the brightest light.


I’m like an animal, let me out of my cage.
I’m like an animal… Feel my fucking rage.
(- The Pink Slips)

The leather bra I’m rocking during this shoot is a Traingl bra. People ask me all the time… It’s a swimsuit bikini bra but it’s comfortable as all hell. There a few very cheap alternatives and they’re actually really, really close to the real thing. The chest harness on top of that is a Leona Chest Harness straight from SKG. Now.. on with the show!

animal-punk-black-girl-jasemine-denise-photography-15 animal-punk-black-girl-jasemine-denise-photography-16

animal-punk-black-girl-jasemine-denise-photography-20animal-punk-black-girl-jasemine-denise-photography-21animal-punk-black-girl-jasemine-denise-photography-23 animal-punk-black-girl-jasemine-denise-photography-24



Smell you later.
Stick around as well because next week I’ll be dropping the Detroit Collaboration and you do not want to miss it.

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Happy Halloween week, Kings and Queens! I’m so stoked to be here with you! You guys remember Jill right? She was the badass writer who I interviewed a while back about her book The Good Soldier? Well, she’s back with the most epic comeback a writer could probably make… She is…


Michonne From The Walking Dead

Cosplay by Jill Robi featuring Chelsea Alexis as Sasha. 

So Jill is a lot of things. She’s a writer, she’s a comedian (Seriously, she cracks me up), she’s an actress, and my personal favorite… She’s a fan girl. When she first started telling me about her love for The Walking Dead, it caught me be surprise. We’re both huge Buffy fans and that’s kind of where our friendship started but shortly after listening to her talk about her love for the ship Richonne, it became clear that this… This was next level.


Are you ready?

michonne-cosplay-jill-robi-jasemine-denise-photography-2michonne-cosplay-jill-robi-jasemine-denise-photography-1jill-robi-michonne-the-walking-dead-cosplay-jasemine-denise-photography-1 michonne-2 jill-robi-the-walking-dead-cosplay-jasemine-denise-photography-4 jill-robi-the-walking-dead-cosplay-jasemine-denise-photography-5 jill-robi-the-walking-dead-cosplay-jasemine-denise-photography-6 jill-robi-the-walking-dead-cosplay-jasemine-denise-photography-7

jill-robi-the-walking-dead-cosplay-jasemine-denise-photography-8 jill-robi-the-walking-dead-cosplay-jasemine-denise-photography-9 jill-robi-the-walking-dead-cosplay-jasemine-denise-photography-10 jill-robi-the-walking-dead-cosplay-jasemine-denise-photography-11 jill-robi-the-walking-dead-cosplay-jasemine-denise-photography-12

Will Michonne and Sasha make it out alive?


The world may never know… I can promise you that Jill and her sister made it out unharmed. Not only that, but you can find her in all her amazing glory on her blog, her Twitter and even through clicking either of the links below and buying one of her highly coveted novels.

Until next time… here’s some adorable behind the scenes gifs of Jill.

When I first heard of Super Orange, I heard about how sold out everything always was because it was just that good. The owner is this rad person who travels from convention to convention selling limited edition wear and I was impressed as a fellow business owner. Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated nor paid by Super Orange to “endorse” their products. Hell, I don’t even own any of the apparel yet because it just sells out that fast! Anyway, when Nora pitched the concept of a Pillow Princess Super Orange Photoshoot, I couldn’t say no… Hell, I even suggested throwing in a velvet Pentagram SKG harness just to spice it up.

Remember: This photo session is a part of the boudoir collection meaning that the subject may be a bit less clothed than you’re used to. (Click here to be reminded about what boudoir photography is all about..) Nora’s hair in this session was styled by the Shear King himself, Brandon Ivy.

Nora X Super Orange Photoshoot

featuring Shop Kinky girl and the oh so coveted Paw Pillow.nora-jasemine-denise-photography-super-orange-4-2 nora-jasemine-denise-photography-super-orange-1



nora-jasemine-denise-photography-super-orange-7 nora-jasemine-denise-photography-super-orange-8


The Princess of Adorable

This was just a mini boudoir session but next month, Nora starts her adventure off modeling with Jasemine Denise Photography so you won’t be seeing the last of her! It’s funny to think our test session was one of the most adorable little sessions I’ve done to date. If you wanna see more of what this goddess is up to, follow her on Instagram because it has only just begun.

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You read that right! It’s your turn! Every few Fridays I’ll show off something I’m a fan of here at JDcom. I’ve fan girled about everything from fashion to books but I never dreamt that I would finally be something that other people can tangibly say they’re a fan of. Jasemine Denise Photography officially has a merch store where you’ll soon be able to buy prints, Polaroids and other awesome things but it already officially has its first preorder underway. Find out how you can get a limited edition piece of JDP history!

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Okay, okay. So Jasemine Denise Photography has been off the grid for a while. I’ve been dabbling in everything from learning about what it’s like to work with a hairstylist to whipping out the big guns and learning how to shoot studio work! As promised though, I have hopped in front of the camera, myself a few times!

Beautiful Dangerous

Rebel of this party
I’m in love with all your danger, danger
We can live forever
I can be your pagan angel, angel

Beautiful Dangerous

beautiful-dangerous-jasemine-denise-photography-shop-kinky-girly-2beautiful-dangerous-jasemine-denise-photography-shop-kinky-girly-3 beautiful-dangerous-jasemine-denise-photography-shop-kinky-girly-6

You like it smooth like brandy
Savour the flavour with delight
You can be Sid, I’ll be Nancy
‘Cause sometimes it’s more fun to fight


Wait, don’t touch that dial!


This shoot is brought to you by two amazing artists that aren’t me! B Ivy Creations has been rocking my hair for over three months now. I couldn’t have made the magic without his excellent hairstyling and cutting ability. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook to see how he’s making people look even hotter, one day at a time.

Shop Kinky Girly Accessories


You guys know I love Shop Kinky Girl and for my birthday I found the Twilla Collar and the Rozella belt. So worth it. I’m going back for the Leona Harness next.  Andddd if you use the code “kgbabe”, you can get for 10% off  your first order. Go get you some and stay tuned because I’ve got something cooking up for you Kings and Queens.

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This is one of the proudest moments of my young life. So proud that I couldn’t just let it all out at once. It had to be split up into two different blog posts because I simply could not contain the awesome. It’s not everyday that I can say that I flew to a different country to do a wedding. It’s not very often that you can say that you met one of your “internet friends” either. The wedding of Trish Dilligaf and Jonathon Stellmaker, now formally known as Mr. and Mrs. Stellmaker marked a milestone in my life.

Trish Dilligaf
Wedding Part One

Trish Dilligaf - Canada Wedding Session Part One - Jasemine Denise Photography-8

I have always been both a lover of love and weddings. As a child, my father was a Wedding DJ and I’d seen a lot of first “man and wife” kisses. He would always go above and beyond, even stealing his own dances with the bride’s mom and friends. I remember at the early age of four being so impressed. I never would’ve dreamt I’d be traveling in his footsteps.

I’ve known Trish, who you guys may recognize as the boss babe behind Trish’s Hoods, for years conversing and bonding over the internet. Canada always seemed like a long shot but we didn’t care. Two flights later, there I was seated in the car of her fiance anticipating an amazing trip.

Fast forward..

Trish Dilligaf - Canada Wedding Session Part One - Jasemine Denise Photography-1 Trish Dilligaf - Canada Wedding Session Part One - Jasemine Denise Photography-2

We were T-Minus about three or four hours from her wedding and I had never seen a wedding party so calm. There was no hostility, or rushing around.. It was simply just joy and support for the bride’s big day.

Fast Forward again.. One hour before the wedding. Everyone was in the heat of the hustle. After the bride finished getting her makeup done, she immediately went to work helping other people. It was adorable. Trish Dilligaf - Canada Wedding Session Part One - Jasemine Denise Photography-17Trish Dilligaf - Canada Wedding Session Part One - Jasemine Denise Photography-9 Trish Dilligaf - Canada Wedding Session Part One - Jasemine Denise Photography-15 Trish Dilligaf - Canada Wedding Session Part One - Jasemine Denise Photography-16

Trish Dilligaf - Canada Wedding Session Part One - Jasemine Denise Photography-18 Trish Dilligaf - Canada Wedding Session Part One - Jasemine Denise Photography-24 Trish Dilligaf - Canada Wedding Session Part One - Jasemine Denise Photography-23 Trish Dilligaf - Canada Wedding Session Part One - Jasemine Denise Photography-21 Trish Dilligaf - Canada Wedding Session Part One - Jasemine Denise Photography-25

Dreamcatchers played such a huge part in the bride’s wedding. Each bridesmaid had their very own dreamcatcher accessory. Trish Dilligaf - Canada Wedding Session Part One - Jasemine Denise Photography-22

The groom’s mother even stopped in to check up on the party. She was glowing with pride and even held the mirror while her future daughter in law put the finishing touches on her own makeup.

Then came the final part of the wedding prep. The final moments before.. The moment that the bride was getting into her gorgeous dress. The thing that I absolutely loved about attending Trish’s wedding is that she had a team of gorgeous women behind her. These women were like her sisters; each and every one of them rushing to help her get into her dress.

Trish Dilligaf - Canada Wedding Session Part One - Jasemine Denise Photography-28 Trish Dilligaf - Canada Wedding Session Part One - Jasemine Denise Photography-33 Trish Dilligaf - Canada Wedding Session Part One - Jasemine Denise Photography-31 Trish Dilligaf - Canada Wedding Session Part One - Jasemine Denise Photography-30

Trish Dilligaf - Canada Wedding Session Part One - Jasemine Denise Photography-36 Trish Dilligaf - Canada Wedding Session Part One - Jasemine Denise Photography-40

The icing on the top of this amazing wedding preparation was when Trish sat down in her chair and brought her official Wedding Doc Martens out.  Normally, everyone gets a fancy strappy shoe for the wedding day. Something diamond crested with a reminiscent of a Cinderella slipper. But she chose to lace up her white Doc Marten boots that she had refused to wear until her wedding day.


It’s officially time for Trish Dilligaf to become Mrs. Trish Stellmaker.

Part two coming soon…

Cleveland! Wow! Prior to late 2015, I had never been to Cleveland. As a photographer, I’ve been to a lot of places but Cleveland hadn’t made that list. The irony of that is that I’ve known a Cleveland resident for over almost ten years and no…. It isn’t Machine Gun Kelly. After waiting for what felt like forever, I finally stepped foot into The Land. I loved it so much that I had to turn it into a series. With the inspiration of my very own “Cleveland photography tour guide,” I’ll be taking trips back over there a couple times a year on a search for some inspiring vibes.

With all that being said,

Meet Kevin

Cleveland’s Very Own

Cleveland Photography - McKevis - Kevin - Jasemine Denise Photography-24

I’ve known Kevin, who is known to most by his moniker MC Kevis for far too long. To put a real number on it would be saying the least. We’ve been friends since MySpace was a “thing” and were always constantly getting grounded for long distance phone conversations that showed up on the landline bill for our grand/parents. Needless to say, I’ve known him forever.

Cleveland Photography - McKevis - Kevin - Jasemine Denise Photography-15 Cleveland Photography - McKevis - Kevin - Jasemine Denise Photography-16

Kevin is the embodiment of the city of Cleveland. Hard-working, colorful, and a little rambunctious; he travels the city proudly and even has a few Cleveland tattoos of his own.

Cleveland Photography - McKevis - Kevin - Jasemine Denise Photography-21Cleveland Photography - McKevis - Kevin - Jasemine Denise Photography-2 Cleveland Photography - McKevis - Kevin - Jasemine Denise Photography-8Cleveland Photography - McKevis - Kevin - Jasemine Denise Photography-1

I don’t want to give it all away so…

You need to stay tuned because The Cleveland series is coming soon, and you’re going to get a first look at some of the spots in The Land. Plus, you’ll get to see more of Kevin. Our tour guide has had a lot up his sleeve, including an abandoned underground wasteland and a daddy daughter date that will bring you to tears.

Coming up next in the Cleveland Series:

MC Kevis x Jasemine Denise Photography -1

You’ve heard of concrete jungle.. but have you ever explored one? Watch as Kevin, Ray, and I make our way into the underbelly of Cleveland.

Happy Mini Session Monday, Kings and Queens. I’d like to introduce you to Abby Tate. Abby iss just breaking out into the Chicago model scene but believe me, you’re not ready for the amount of slay she’s about to bring. The theme for this shoot was her idea and when she brought into it, I absolutely fell in love. She said mean, green, sunflower loving machine.

Chicago Model Abby Tate

Carefree Black Girl

Abby is a magnificent and charismatic young woman who is striving for success on so many different groundbreaking levels. With her down to earth personality and gorgeous smile; it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with her.  Her makeup in this shoot was done by MUAYV who you can check out on Facebook.

Abby Tate - Jasemine Denise Photography-8Abby Tate - Jasemine Denise Photography-13Abby Tate - Jasemine Denise Photography-9Abby Tate - Jasemine Denise Photography-16

Abby Tate - Jasemine Denise Photography-19

I know what you’re thinking.. Tell me that she gets more carefree. If you’ve never met Abby, you haven’t witnessed the absolute beauty that is her smile. Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.

Abby Tate - Jasemine Denise Photography- Chicago modelAbby Tate - Jasemine Denise Photography- Chicago modelAbby Tate - Jasemine Denise Photography-Chicago model

You know what I hate about mini sessions?

They end so soon! I don’t know about you, but I can honestly never get enough of Abby! So, if you’re like me and you need an extra daily dose, you should follow her on Instagram. Of course she’ll also be here again with another shoot with Jasemine Denise Photography so don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and check back for more updates!


Are you a Chicago model?

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