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I’m Jasemine, in case you didn’t know. I travel as a photographer, I write novels that I swear are better than my personal instagram narratives , and fashion is my favorite off duty hobby. I live life like a rockstar, and every photoshoot is like performing in my favorite city.

Catch up on our latest photoshoots, my craziest looks, and if you want.. You can even learn a little more about me.


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Lumbersnack // Men’s Boudoir – Angelo

November 16, 2019 2 min read No Comments

It takes a special kind of person to have the confidence to step up to the plate of a completely undermined genre. For years men’s boudoir has been portrayed as just as taboo and ludicrous as the art of boudoir in general. As a photographer and lover of daring to do the unthinkable.. I was ready to take on the challenge.. Just needed a willing volunteer. Enter Angelo, one of JDP’s most notable members– Around these parts, we call him the cosplay fiance. 

LumberSnack // Men’s Boudoir

When I approached Angelo with the idea of lumbersnack, I didn’t know how to introduce it. I couldn’t just say “Hey, take your shirt off and lay on the bed–“, it took some heavy thinking. The execution was actually far more simple than the thought process. I simply came to Angelo the way I have most clients for a boudoir session.. “Hey, I’ve got this idea.”

I said it to him in one sentence.. lumber.. snack.. and, photographers… ladies, you’d be surprised how it turned out. Angelo brought all the props. It was a men’s boudoir, but it was really his boudoir. 

As a photographer, men’s boudoir photography just seems exciting. The men aren’t normally self conscious but are instead.. treating the whole thing as a humorous chance to get to do something they wouldn’t normally. Angelo was no different, taking the time to use his prop axe to the fullest.

It’s getting Cold Out, are you planning to heat things up?

You can book a men’s boudoir, or any boudoir any time you want! Jasemine Denise Photography has a studio open year round and all you have to do is book a session. Chicago, get it! Also special thanks to Angelo. I know you didn’t have to do this, but I am so glad you did.

Book Your Own Session


Vera // Power Girl Cosplay

November 12, 2019 1 min read 7 Comments

This Power Girl cosplay is one of my favorite cosplay photoshoots Vera and I have ever done together! 2019 was really her year to branch out and get more into cosplay and into it she got.. Check out this cosplay photoshoot, shot on a rooftop!

Vera // PowerGirl Cosplay

Get ready to take flight! Our Power Girl is flying your way and you may wanna duck, because I heard she can really pack a punch! The wind is in Vera’s hair as she practically floats about the rooftop, her cape flying behind her.

Photographer Note: Vera never actually “flew anywhere” The trick is to create an optical illusion. Knelt on top of a parking garage cement structure, she elongates herself in order to look as though she’s in flight.

What could be more good than a super hero landing?

Just like that, she’s taking flight again! You can follow Vera on Instagram and check out more of my cosplay photography! 

Well, I don’t know who you are, mister — much less why I should listen to you — but I’ll give you one piece of of news and one suggestion… the name is Power Girl: P… O… W… E… R… G… I… R… L — and the suggestion is that you stay out of my way

Are you a cosplayer? Ready for The Magic?

You can book your own cosplay photoshoot with Jasemine Denise Photography by clicking th button below!

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Happy Halloween // Cosplay Sass as Pennywise

October 31, 2019 2 min read 15 Comments

Pennywise, you say? I do! Happy Halloween! Last year, Cosplay Sass and their boyfriend Angelo were Bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein. This year, Angelo got on the creative side of the Team to gas her fiance up. <- (Remember that, I’m gonna come back to it very soon.)

Also make sure you cruise on over to the Cosplay Sass blog to see Bec’s in depth blog about their shoot. 

Happy Halloween // Cosplay Sass is Pennywise!

This was one of the first big sets we shot in the new Jasemine Denise Photography studio. The move has been a tumultuous one, hence the radio silence. I took a backseat on this one, allowing my assistant Roka to set the tone.

There’s always this ongoing joke between Bec and I that they’re always doing something that’s gonna put me on the edge of my seat.. I’m not wrong. When they came in for this shoot, they brought Pennywise to life. 

The teeth were probably the most scariest part.. Dental Distortions really brought the scary out in this one’s mouth. 


Honestly, what really mad the costume the most scary to me.. was the way they DIY’ed it. This isn’t your average run of the mill, Party City Pennywise. No.. This took thought.. effort.. imagination. Isn’t that what makes Pennywise so terrifying? That he’s what the kids imagined him to be, scare-wise?

You can Get Your Hands on this Pennywise Right now!

This shoot was published in the the October issue of Sique Magazine. Get your copy of their Halloween issue, featuring our beloved Cosplay Sass right now by clicking here. 


Do you have a character you’d like to bring to life?

Jasemine Denise Photography books cosplay photoshoots year round, as well as helps create sets to bring your character and your vision to life! All you have to do is fill out the booking form, and you can be the next creator featured on this blog!

If you want to see more awesome work by Cosplay Sass, follow them on Instagram.  You can also see all the photoshoots they’ve done to date published here on JDcom!

Until next time!

-Jasemine Denise

Chicago Portrait Session // Chennette

September 30, 2019 1 min read 18 Comments

Happy Mini Session Monday!
The last time you saw Chennette, she was in character! She was the infamous XMen Storm! To celebrate her birthday, she did a portrait session outside of cosplay.. And it’s about time you saw it..

Mini Portrait Session // Chennette

I arrived at the location I picked out for this session, a little before Chennette. No matter how many times I’ve done a portrait session in Chicago, I always get nervous. Will the location match up to the beauty that I know the client is bringing? Will the magic really do it? However, the moment I laid eyes on Chennette, I knew.. this session was gonna be perfect.

Gotta love those shoes, right?

What do you think?

Would you like your own Mini session Monday? All October Jasemine Denise Photography is booking discounted mini sessions where you, your friends, your loved ones, hell even your favorite cosplay character can get a discounted mini session! All you have to do to book your mini portrait session is fill out the booking form and wait to hear back!

In love with this portrait session? You can check out more mini sessions by clicking this link. 

ClaustroClothic Fashion #17 – More Issues Than Vogue –

September 7, 2019 2 min read 23 Comments

Being someone super into fashion, I’ve always had a small list of dream looks. As I go into year number 28 of my life, (Today is my birthday!) I’m almost shocked that I’ve done so many and so little at once. My goal this year is to show as many as I can, so This is one of them. My dream looks typically come with a theme, a centerpiece and of course.. Some bomb little fashion accessories! Maybe this year I’ll finally finish the ClaustroClothic archives. (Including finishing that page haha!)

ClaustroClothic #17 – More Issues Than Vogue

What inspired this outfit? 

I’ve been obsessed with newspaper print and wanting to wear it since I was child. I can only do a handful of looks a year involving white because I am captain clumsy. I knew this was going to be one of them. I wanted the outfit to be simple, something I could wear to a meeting but also with a little bit of edge underneath. You know what “edge” means…

Underneath my dress is the “edge.” The Deviant Leg Harness from SKG Designs is also a subtle fashion move. You’ve seen me wear them before, but I have about.. four pairs of them in different colors. Ontop of the dress, bought from Foreman Mills for $10 is a Xylia Belt. I love pairing belts with dresses.

What’s the most expensive part of the outfit?

Definitely the shoes. Anyone who knows me knows my shoes are a staple in fashion. If they don’t scream for me when I walk into a room, I’m wearing the wrong shoes.. Current Mood has been nailing it for me consistently.  By accident, I styled this entire outfit around my shoes.

Current Store Crush:

I’ve been vibing with Pretty Little Thing so heavily lately. (Click the photo to check out their shop). I’ve been getting a bunch of my basics from there. I can’t wait to show you!

Marya and Eugene | Family Photoshoot

August 19, 2019 1 min read 21 Comments
I have been so proud of all the pregnancy announcements that have been taking place. I’ve gotten to photograph some amazing families and future mothers. It’s always hard to figure out what to share first! This session is very special to me because I’ve known the mother of now two Marya for such a long time now. I’m practically a part of their family. Congratulations to Eugene and Marya!

Marya and Eugene | Family Photoshoot

It’s recovering from a heavy rain when I walk into the park, to finally wave my way over to Marya and Eugene. My attention was immediately directed to the two beautiful eyes of their daughter,  Syanah staring up at me. I could tell she was nervous… restless even. So Marya and I agreed that we were gonna make this session a “quick one.” If you peek closely enough, you can even see her fruit snacks.. Photographer’s Note: That’s the trick.

This is honestly the cutest birth announcement I’ve seen thus far.

Do you want a Family Photoshoot?

I’d love to photograph your family! As long as you promise to bring the fruit snacks! All you have to do is slide on over to the booking form and get a quote for your session! Not ready yet? Don’t worry, I’ve been away for a while but there will be more cute family photoshoots for you to see and fall in love with right here at JDcom.


Happy June | Self Portrait & Six Month Check In!

June 18, 2019 4 min read 12 Comments

Happy June, Kings, Queens and Royal beings! I know I don’t share too many self portrait sessions but this one touches my heart and sets the tone for the next six. I’ve been doing a lot of self portrait photography these past few years and as a photographer, it’s rejuvenating and inspiring. Getting to do this session inspired me to share one of my favorite processes with you so Happy June, thanks for tuning in and keep scrolling!

Happy June // Self Portrait & Six Month Check In

June is an amazing time for me to reflect back on the year. Every year we have a company wide boudoir party where we encourage the model to look back on their year before the season changes and address some of the things that have been slipped up on or that have changed. In order to do that, I first take a step back and look at what I’ve done myself for the company.

I wanted to share some tips for year about making your own six month check in.

Let’s Talk Productivity & Reflection

The biggest part of a checkin whether you’re a business owner or just growing as a person is being productive. Being productive means you have to take the time to reflect on your level of productivity. The biggest part of being productive is being honest with yourself. We all wanna lie and tell ourselves that we had an incredible six months. That’s nice but the point of the check in is to be productive. Here’s some ways to help you:

Make a List:

  • Make a list.
    • Making a list of all the things you want to achieve in the next year is an incredible process. Here’s how you do it. Start with your someday goal, then your five year,  based off that goal, then one year, one month, weekly and then daily + right now. Each goal is based off the one before it.
    • Nara Lee has an incredible goal setting course to help you.
    • Start with your most tangible goals and work your way down.

How did I put that into practice? 

Can you tell I did my makeup myself?

One of my goals for the year was to get more photography done, and my smaller goal was to get into makeup because it would motivate me to invest time. Both of these were spawned out of a goal to get into retouching which I now practice every single day. It helps that every self portrait session is a ritual I do in the morning to get me prepared for my day. It’s slowly teaching me to be creative, even in the morning.

Be Real About Falling Backwards:

I hate this one.

The object of this part in the check in is to tell yourself where you fell short. When you start making a goal setting list, you’re amped. All these things you wanna do… All these factors of your life you’re going to change but you also need to look over what yo’ve been slipping on. Typically I try to make a list of five things and they have a what and a why. Then I give myself tips on how to fix it.


1.) I haven’t updated Patreon as much as I wanted to because it’s difficult to create enough sets for the empire. This year, I think making a scheduled day to schedule content will be more productive.

2.) I think I’ve stopped taking horizantal photos because I’ve became more interested in posting to Instagram than storyboarding and building shoots. I plan to limit my Instagram browsing time in order to not adopt the entire design scheme of the website.

That’s two. Be realistic, be brutal, and be ready to come up with the solution that works.

Finally, Stay Motivated.

What makes you motivated? It’s easy to tell yourself what to do but it’s harder to do it. Personally, I’m motivated by music, pretty things and instant gratification. It doesn’t always work that way so I have to focus on how to make all those things vibe at once. I have playlists for my work day and I merge the instant gratification of pretty things by creating a budget for myself that involves getting rewarded for progress. for instance, if I pay my credit card down in time, I’ll put aside an extra $50 to get myself a nice little something to match whatever my next collaboration is. (This time it was this bodysuit for this collab with Weave N Luxury). The better the progress, the bigger the purchase.. Just don’t break the bank!

So are you ready?

Drop a comment and tell me you’re ready for a checkin! What do you plan to work on first?


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Wig Bodysuit

Wedding Wednesday // Tiffany’s Themed Wedding

May 22, 2019 2 min read 22 Comments

Need ideas for a themed wedding?
All summer long, I’m gonna be sharing weddings, wedding themes, and wedding stories! There’s an art to how weddings are done from coordination to decoration and because it’s wedding season, I’m here to share this with you. If you need a wedding photographer, by the way.. I travel. 😉

Wedding Wednesday // Tiffanys Themed Wedding

I love weddings, obviously. I shoot about 10-20 a year. I don’t think anyone recognizes how amazing how amazing the wedding decor of themed weddings are. I find myself looking at the decor of weddings and being inspired. I realized that the wedding decor of this wedding for Rai and Bianca could’ve totally been a Tiffany’s themed wedding!

I didn’t get a chance to ask the wedding coordinator but if she reads this, here’s looking at you! You did a stellar job coordinating this!

The reason this stood out as Tiffany’s to me, is because of the little gift boxes on the party favor table.

The tale decor was beautiful as well.

I had a tough time choosing between two favorites. The first had to be the sweets, treats and cake table…

…and the bride’s bouquet!


The entire wedding ceremony was simply dazzling and the bride and groom were simply so beautiful and so in love!

What was the theme for your wedding? & if you haven’t gotten married you planning to have a theme?

Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more photography updates!

ClaustoClothic #16: Goth Festival Fashion

May 10, 2019 3 min read 28 Comments

Festival fashion season is here! That’s like my version of Fashion Week. My runway is there sand, my audience are all the people who are fans of the same music as me and my purpose… To get down while staying fashionable and comfortable at the same time! Are you ready for fesitval fashion season?? If not, don’t fret babe. Your favorite photographer is gonna show you all the creative looks you can create this summer and I’ma tell you where to get it from!

ClaustroClothic #16: Goth Festival Fashion

Okay so I jumped the gun a bit. The time is almost here. My favorite part of the summer is when it’s sticky hot. I’m probably sweating from dancing and my only way to cool off is to hop in the pit.  It’s not that time yet. No, it’s spring.. So it’s grab a bunch of your girls and use the buddy system to get a good seat at your favorite show.

For me, spring festival fashion is always about looking good as hell but feeling comfortable too. This summer is gonna be another colorful one, but most of the time I try to stay subtle.

The basics of this outfit

I’m a sucker for layers. The key to this outfit is that it had to have a flow to it. I wanted to come in looking like the Countess from American Horror Story (I did a look inspired by the show a while back.) That’s where the sheer kimono robe style top comes in. I got mine from Dolls Kill but it’s a little long for me so if you’re short like me, get the one I linked instead. Because it was so long, I used my Xylia belt from SKG Designs to give it that cinched waist look. The last thing I need is to trip on my flow vogue walking around a festival.

Underneath that is where my color remains. The purple lace bodysuit underneath the Venus bodysuit from SKG Designs. I didn’t feel comfortable wearing either of these individually so pairing them made me feel less exposed.

The Accessories

I decided that this is the summer that I start finding amazing things to put outfits together. Outside of harnesses, I never think about what’s going to put the personality into my outfits… It’s a challenge. No summer look for me would be complete with my signature round hat.  My mom used to rock these when she was younger.  Paired with pretty much any pair of round shades, I always feel like I’m taking it back to my roots. My style has always been inspired by one of my mom’s favorite fashion icons– Prince which is why this is the summer of purple.

The necklace is officially a favorite of mine. When I imagine festival fashion, I see boho in my head and this necklace is BOHO. No goth festival fashion look would be complete to me without a black lace parasol so I had to finally snag one from Amazon and I’m loving it. My fan comes from SourPuss Clothing which is a new favorite of mine.

Last but Certainly Not Least, The Shoes.

My baby bats!

I almost always skipped Killstar in the past when I go on my shopping sprees, but lately I’ve been catching every single clearance they have which is where I got these shoes. Honestly, it changed my entire perspective of Killstar up. If you’re more into the traditional goth style as opposed to the street style, you just gotta know where to shop. This won’t be my last haul with them so trusst me when I say, I got you.

That’s the look! What’s the next festival/event/show you’ll be attending?

I’ll be at Chicago’s Hotel Diablo tour stop next month screaming for Kells. What festival will you be at? Also don’t forget to follow my personal instagram for daily outfit inspiration! 


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Storm Cosplay // Chennette – Cosplay Photography

April 26, 2019 1 min read 12 Comments

This wouldn’t be the first Storm Cosplay you’ve seen over at JDcom. Two years ago, I did a Punk Storm Cosplay collaboration with Weave N Luxury, but honey.. This is nothing like that. This Storm Cosplay done by the beautiful Chennette came to take the glory.

Storm Cosplay

This Storm cosplay was Chennette’s first photoshoot with me admittedly, I was nervous. I’ve shot a handful of Storms since I started getting into cosplay photography but I knew from the moment she started taking the posing direction that this storm was going to have to be different. It was the first Storm I’d seen that genuinely resembled the cartoons I grew up on! I wanted to have that dramatics, that wrath, that power and Chennette was eager to deliver!

Needless to say, she lit the studio up…



What did you think of this Storm Cosplay?

Do you cosplay? Or is there a character you’d love to see brought to life by one of the talented cosplayers that have worked with Jasemine Denise Photography? Slide over to the cosplay photography section and check out some o the other amazing photoshoots that have been posted. Also, don’t forget to follow Chennette on Instagram.

Congratulations to Mariah! // Maternity Photoshoot

April 14, 2019 2 min read 19 Comments

As I’m typing this maternity photoshoot blog, I’m shaking with excitement. By the time you start reading this, the King will already have emerged victorious and we couldn’t be more proud. The Cancino family is one of my favorites to photograph. I’ve known them for half my life. I can vividly remember Mariah taking the cinnamon challenge in the kitchen of where I was getting one of my many tattoos. That’s a story for another day. Today, we celebrate the coming of Mariah’s firstborn child by showing off her maternity photoshoot!

Congratulations Mariah // Lansing Maternity Photoshoot

Here comes her nephew Bluu to make it even cuter.
He’s clearly an excited cousin but he had so many questions about what was going on inside of the belly that we couldn’t help but laugh as he ran around his mom to be a part of every single photo!

Lansing maternity photoshoot - outdoors - Jasemine Denise Photography Lansing maternity photoshoot - outdoors - Jasemine Denise Photography

This maternity photoshoot also took a creatively evolving turn! As you can see it started to snow, so we finished the rest of her session in a makeshift studio. Coming all the way from Chicago, I didn’t travel with a ton of lights or a backdrop. Typically, I do but we only had two sessions in Lansing… So we finished the session the best way Jasemine Denise Photography knows how.. On the fly.

It got even more cuter because this baby was born a king. 

Congratulations to Mariah on her newborn boy Kyrie!
What did you think of this Maternity Photoshoot?

Which side of it was your favorite? The outdoor or the indoor! Do you have a maternity photoshoot coming up? Jasemine Denise Photography does travel and has quite a few tour dates coming up! If you’re from Chicago, you can book one anytime! Click the button below.

Book your own Maternity Session with JDP!

Also follow me on Instagram to see more photoshoots before they drop here on the blog.
Until Next Time

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